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The anti-terror police got a real scare when a noxious brown substance was thrown through a car window by presumably a noxious substance abuser. The road was sealed off, fire appliances were rushed to the scene, as were ambulances and armed police units. One female police officer was found to have come in contact with the brown substance and was rushed to hospital together with other officers. When toxicologists examined the car seats, they found that the terrible substance was in fact not anthrax, not bio-war weaponry, not even a binary gas attack, but instead the choice of millions!


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2 thoughts on “two shakes and it’s all over…

  1. Yes it’s all terribly funny in hindsight eh? But how frightening for the officer who came into contact with what was then reported as a suspicious "substance" by a member of the bloody public. The officers turned up in full body suits as expected. The member of the public who reported it should be fined, feathered and tarred (preferably in HP sauce). In this day and age we live in with bio threats etc that’s as significant as hoax 999 calls.

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