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I regret to inform you that parts of the UK have grinded to a halt.


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One thought on “UK BREAKING NEWS….

  1. Any sort of winter weather is now being used by the media/govt to hide what the REAL problem is in England, and I had a salutary lesson of this when on a brief visit to London a few days back:
    It’s the unprecedented and expanding number of human feet pounding the streets now in all the big cities.
    Trains are chock-a-block; buses full up; streets & roads in gridlock and nowhere to park; endless queues for everything, everywhere I went. Everything takes forever.

    And yet the numbers still come pouring in.
    The feeling was how much further can this go on before life becomes intolerable for every individual caught up in it.

    One snowflake, one leaf on the line, one minor accident somewhere — it’s no exaggeration — the whole system judders to a halt.

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