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The UK has taken steps to expel five Libyan diplomats, Foreign Secretary William Hague has said. Updating MPs, Mr Hague said the five – which include the military attache – “could pose a threat” to UK security. Meanwhile, David Cameron said the UK was not ruling out providing arms to rebels in “certain circumstances” but no decision had yet been taken.

Given that we know there is substantial Al Queda numbers amongst the rebels, are we actually now proposing arming them and if so, do you agree that this is right? The media narrative is painting the rebels as nice guys just wanting a little freedom. But if they fought on the side of tyranny in Iraq, isn’t this a very peculiar practice Cameron is contemplating.

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10 thoughts on “UK TO ARM AL QUEDA?

  1. I’ve got no time for Gaddaffi, a homicidal psychopath whose friends include the Lockerbie bomber, the murderous scum of the IRA, and, of course Tony Bliar. I’d love to see him removed and made to pay for all his crimes, but, and it’s a big but, in our rush to remove the mad Colonel, are we helping to install an even bigger danger.

  2. You have to admit, expelling Libyans because they might pose a threat to “national security” (they must be mighty powerful individuals to do that) is a bit rich while we’re bombing their military to aid a rebellion.

    As for assisting that rebellion with arms, it is clearly being consisdered given the statements made and Cameron, Hague, Obama et al must be out of their minds.

    Two months ago Gadaffi was still our chum and Libya was secure. All of a sudden, we’re bombing from the skies and considering embroiling ourselves even further into a rebellion we know little about?!

    It’s not going to end well, is it?

  3. Now we are talking of arming this loose confederacy of rebels and providing them with the frozen Libyan assets. Great. And when the rebels seek retribution on Kadaffy Duck’s tribe will we bomb the rebels to prevent a humanitarian crisis?

  4. What will we arm them with? At the moment we are acting as a sophisticated air force for them. If the rebels win they will have access to the very large arsenal that Ghaddaffi already has including Russian Tanks. I see no reason why we should add to that arsenal.

  5. I see no reason why we should add to that arsenal.

    GE, Boeing, BAe and the rest will see every reason to arm them. By golly, they don’t buy politicians for no reason.

  6. Prett ironic consideing that they don’t seem to consider having members of the IRA in Government in the UK as a threat to ‘national security’?

  7. from reading a couple of military blogs, we’d have to do more than arm them – we’d have to train and direct them. Basically, we’d have to create an alternative Libyan army.

  8. While it’s hard to imagine how anyone could be worse than Ghaddaffi, the west’s job must be to stop slaughter and the destruction of the rebels and no more than that.

    One thing that’s emerged over the past few weeks is the strength of loyalty to the big G. Sooner or later negotiations will have to begin between the two sides.

  9. you hope, but there is no gurantee. Ole Momo is sitting on a 140 tons of onhand gold. He could hold out for three years no problem. It’s called the golden rule for a reason.

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