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I know I have been banging on this topic for the past number of days but it  is becoming abundantly clear that under Gordon Brown the UK will cease to be a reliable ally of the USA. Take the fact that the Iraq Commission – a UK quango controlled by Government – has called for a clear exit strategy from Iraq, talks with Iran, and for the UN to lead “the reconciliation process” Just to emphasise the point the Commission adds that the UK should “act with variance” from the USA on this and other foreign policy issues. Get the message? – Brown is signalling that the UK is moving well away from the USA, embracing the inept soft power internationalism of the EU/UN, and hoping that a surrender in Iraq can be cloaked in hazy feel good rhetoric about “reconciliation.”

When the Islamists next cause mass carnage on British soil, perhaps Brown should consult with the EU and UN for advice as to what should be done? DHIMMI TIME with Gordon is on the way….

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3 thoughts on “UK TO DIVERGE FROM US….

  1. David Miliband has utterly rejected claims of a change in UK/US relations, insisting only he and the PM spoke with authority on the issue.

  2. A far bigger breach in the special relationship between our nations was the deleting of my wicked yet civil satire Travels With My Angst over the weekend on a Vance created post by another ATW writer. I’ve asked for a clarification of ATW policy on the "Arsonists" thread. If the issue is not addressed I will no choice but to use serve American coffee (as opposed to British tea) in my ATW mugs.

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