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Surprised to read that the UK Independence Party – one of the few conservative political parties in the UK, claims it has funds of as little as £5000 in the bank and no savings or investments.

John Whittaker, the president of the fiercely eurosceptic party, revealed the parlous state of Ukip’s finances during a courtroom battle with the Electoral Commission last week. The commission is taking legal action against Ukip over illegal donations worth more than £360,000. "The current account has a balance of somewhere between £5,000 and £10,000 – that’s it," Mr Whittaker told the court. Donations to Ukip have dried up over the past 18 months, as the party has lurched from one public relations disaster to the next.

If the UKIP can’t run its own finances, how could it hope to run the country?

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6 thoughts on “UKIP INSOLVENT?

  1. In fairness UKIP’s bank balance looks rather better than that of the major parties which are perennially indebted. Labour are something like £14 million in the red for example.

  2. The Electoral Commission is quite deliberately trying to put UKIP out of business on a technicality – the Lib Dems could keep a massive donation from a convicted criminal who didnt even live in this country but UKIP are being fined this huge amount because their biggest donor didnt realise he wasnt on the Electoral Register for a few months. It is blatant, despicable discrimination from a supposedly independent body which is showing itself as nothing more than a willing tool of the Political Establishment.

    That said, the fact that UKIP are once again in financial dificulties shouldnt come as a surprise. They have only a handful of big backers and have a habit of spending far too much money on by-elections than the return gives them. Too many billboards, not enough knocking on doors. And believe me I know what I’m talking about when I say this…

  3. To be fair to UKIP, at least they have a bank balance in the black which is more than you can say for Labour who are some £24 million in the red – and they ARE running the country. It’s a bit like asking a gambling addict to manage the household budget!

    DSD gets it spot on with UKIP’s problems. They could learn a lot from the BNP who, despite all the crappy press they get, manage their funds well, their campaigns effectively and their publicity professionally. Imagine how much more effective that would be if they weren’t having all the media and countless ofther groups telling the country what a bunch of nasty, racist scum they are (I don’t think they are – most BNP supporters I know are just decent ordinary folk who are seriously concerned about the state of the country).

    UKIP need to get some perspective. After their euro election gains they got a bit too big for their boots and a little over ambitious. They need to be more selective in their election efforts – better quality and less quantity.

    They need to put together a coherent message on a range of policies – not just "get out of the EU" – and have a plan to get that message across as effectively as possible.

  4. DSD/Stan.

    I would suggest that at least a part of the problem for UKIP is the general publics’ view of them
    individually, as being rather well-heeled, faded ex-Tory gentry, whereas the BNP look and sound distinctly ‘Of the People’. Hence it’s slow but steady membership.
    Also, the British often have a soft spot for the under-dog, and the beatings the BNP repeatedly get from the media only serves to reinforce this feeling.
    The slow-to-cotton-on media now realise this which is why it chose to ‘blank them out’ in the last May elections.

  5. Bernard,

    Spot on as regards the media – I honestly think the Europhiles (and Toryphiles) of Fleet Street were in no small part responsible for UKIP’s 2004 success – the British public has figured out the harder the media attacks people, the more likely it is that there’s a reason why they dont want their views known. The media learned though and blanked UKIP out almost utterly in 2005 – and their vote plummeted.

    The BNP is a different matter though – they are an itch the media hacks just cannot resist scratching no matter how hard they try…

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