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Yesterday David commented on the Telegraph story about UKIP’s being ‘down to its last £5,000’. There’s just one problem. It isn’t true.

Dr Whittaker said that the article was "a disgraceful piece of journalism" and that it is nonsense that the party is ‘down to it’s last £5,000’, as the newspaper alleges.


“During the court case considering Alan Bown’s donations, I was asked how much UKIP has in the bank. But this figure has nothing to do with the party’s solvency. Party expenditure is covered by income from donations and membership subscriptions and this is how it always has been."


It also seems that the journalist who wrote the story wasn’t even present in Court to hear what Dr Whittaker actually said and just, you know ‘extrapolated from available data’ as the saying has it – but then the Torygraph has a rapidly expanding history of going to enormous lengths to bash anyone who challenges the Boy King and his metrosexual minions so I cant say I’m surprised.


Not the Telegraph’s language use – ‘UKIP Boss admits…’. There is nothing to admit – as people have pointed out, Labour and the Tories are in huge debt – the Labour Party which actually runs the country’s finances to the tune of £24 million pounds! But I think we can safely assume they almost certainly have more than £5000 in their Bank Accounts, and UKIP at least does not have any debts to pay, unlike the Telegraph’s beloved Conservatives. So this is nothing less than a deliberate attempt to present UKIP in the worst possible light, and in fact should perhaps have read ‘UKIP Boss Pleased That Party Has No Outstanding Debts’.


The political establishment is seeking to bury UKIP, and the current case brought by the supposedly independent Electoral Commission is, let us not forget, blatantly discriminatory – the crime for which they have taken UKIP to court for is that the lifelong British businessman who donated the money the Commission are seeking to take from them didnt realise he wasnt on the Electoral Register when he made the donation. A technical breach at worst, especially when you consider that the Commission is absolutely fine with the Lib Dems taking nearly ten times the amount from a convicted perjurer who doesnt even live in Britain and donated the money through a totally fraudulent company because it says *they* acted in good faith…


If there is a news story in this case, it is the blatant and despicable bias of the Electoral Commission as it seeks to try and bankrupt a small, anti-Establishment Party to try and get them out of the way on said Establishment’s behalf. But then the MSM is part of the same Establishment anyway, so why should we expect anything different?





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2 thoughts on “UKIP MEP Slams ‘Disgraceful Piece Of Journalism’

  1. Here’s some more idiotic journalism – straight from today’s Daily telegraph (that paper really has gone downhill):

    "Mr Brown last week made a big thing about a promise to deport 4,000 foreign prisoners this year. There are nearly 12,000 foreign nationals in Britain’s jails. Over the past five years, while the number of British prisoners has gone up by about 10 per cent, there has been an 80 per cent increase in foreign prisoners, taking up 4,000 more prison places than anticipated and exacerbating the overcrowding crisis.

    This is a direct consequence of the rise in immigration, not because foreigners have a greater predilection to commit crimes but because, as with the indigenous population, a certain proportion of them do."


    Look at two points: one statement made by Philip Johnston, and then one fact and see how Johnston misses the point about numbers which he himself raised.

    He states that foreign nationals have no greater prediliction to crime than the indigenous Britons. But with 12,000 foreigners in British jails, and that is 1-in-7 i.e 14%, then 14% of the population of this island must be foreign.

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