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The United Nations, that cabal of organised moral hypocrisy, once again lives down to expectations by…and you gotta love the stunning stupidity of this one…PRAISING Gadaffi’s human rights record!

A U.N. report ridiculed worldwide for lavishing praise on the Qaddafi regime’s human rights record was unanimously adopted today by the 47-nation UN Human Rights Council, with president Laura Dupuy Lasserre overruling the objection made in the plenary by UN Watch. After it was first exposed by UN Watch last year, the report card giving high marks to Qaddafi was mocked by the New York TimesThe Economist and other major media worldwide, causing a red-faced UN to postpone the report’s adoption repeatedly — until today. Suzanne Nossel, the new head of Amnesty USA, and previously the  Obama Administration’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations, where she was responsible for U.S.  engagement at the U.N. Human Rights Council, described the council’s report as “abhorrent”

Look, the UN Human Rights Council is an oxymoron, obviously.

I was curious about those nations currently represented on it and here are some of the fearless proponents of Human Rights represented…

Russia…a beacon for human rights.

Angola. Yip, they are clear advocates on a global scale.

Cuba. Natch.

Just disappointed North Korea not there.

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3 thoughts on “UN PRAISES GADAFFI!

  1. “Just disappointed North Korea not there.”

    Give ’em time.

    It’ll happen shortly after 2016, when Obama is appointed Secretary-General.

  2. Stop Press…new UN report…Hitler…..was he ALL bad?
    More after this word from our sponsors………

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