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So, four leaders of the Pakistan-based terrorist group suspected of being behind the attack on Bombay last month have been placed on a UN Security Council terrorist blacklist. They include the alleged mastermind of the terror strike, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, a Pakistan national. (Gosh, who would have figured that?)

The UN move represents a fillip for India, which has demanded that Pakistan do more to curb the terrorists who operate from its territory. Relations between the two nuclear armed neighbours have deteriorated sharply in the wake of the Mumbai attacks. The UN move means that the four members of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), a notoriously brutal militant faction, will have their bank accounts frozen and face travel bans, among other sanctions.

Listen, this is hopeless. IF these guys were behind the Bombay TERROR outrage, they need rounded up, thrown behind bars, and if proven guilty, executed. This UN babble about travel bans is pointless, a diversion to nowhere.

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7 thoughts on “UN-REAL!

  1. The security council is presently comprised of the US, UK, France, China and Russia, as well as Belgium, Indonesia, Italy Panama and South Africa.

    In January Belgium, Indonesia, Italy, Panama and S. Africa are replaced by Burkina Faso, Costa Rica, Croatia, Libyan Arab Jamahinya and Viet Nam.

    We should expect nothing meaningful to come out of this revolving committee of international bureaucrats.

  2. I wonder if that is true Petr. The idea of a diplomatic center where world issues are discussed and even debated is certainly a noble idea. But as it stands presently it has no teeth, and the composition of its members allows rogue nations essentially the same status as civilized ones.

    Plus it blocks my view of the East River.

  3. ‘the composition of its members allows rogue nations essentially the same status as civilized ones. ‘

    Maybe the US will behave itself and act civilised in the UN, under the new administration. 🙂

    It is hard to have teeth, when the world’s (waning) superpower keeps knocking them out.

  4. Pinky – The UN’s problems preceed the Bush Administration, and are fact inherent. And since you are protected under the power of the US you might be a little more hopeful about the waning.

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