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I wonder how all those leftists who fervently worship at the shrine of the moral cesspit that is the United Nations feel about this?


The United Nations has warned Barack Obama that the US should not carry out “punitive” strikes against Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons. Reported by the Associated Press, Ban Ki Moon said an attack to punish Syria would “unleash more turmoil”, adding that the UN Charter made illegal any military action unless in self defense or approved by the Security Council.

Well, back in the days of the evil George W Bush, it was made clear that America operated to ITS laws, not those of the UN. I supported that view and still do since i believe the UN to be a force for inertia at best, genocide at worst. BUT the left loudly opposed the approach of George W as it insisted that the UN must fully

approve whatever was to be done. Well, look at what is happening now. Obama, Kerry and Pelosi – the unholy trinity – are making noises that are clearly at odds with the WILL of the UN.

So if it was wrong to ignore the UN back then, why is it right to do so now?

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6 thoughts on “UN VS US

  1. Sigh, Bush’s crowd cited UN resolutions in support of the Iraq invasion. As for Powell “making the case”, his presentation is widely considered (even by Powell) as the low point of his career.

  2. that doesn’t matter, what matters is he went and made the case. Where is Obama’s presentation before the UN?

    You can continue to suffer from Bush derangement syndrome, except everything all of you who accused Bush of bullshit accept it from Obama.

    nothing else needs to be said about who you are.

  3. Troll – It does matter, since Powell’s presentation has now been so discredited that it impacts the ability of the US to persuade others that action should be taken today.

    It is like the boy who cried wolf story, which I wish you had been taught so you would understand that repeated lying eventually results in people not believing you.

  4. you people deny that we removed refined uranium from Iraq, even though it now powers reactors in Canada, you also deny the mass graves of 100s of thousands of gassed Kurds, you deny the footage and evidence of truck after truck and plane after plane leaving Iraq in the weeks before the war.

    The whole world knew Saddam had WMDs we found some, but not all. Yet you back a man that has presented nothing to the public and just today lied that he did not set a red line.

    It is your credibility that is lacking.

  5. Troll – I don’t think my credibility is lacking, and most certainly not in comparison to you. No one has denied Saddam used chemical weapons, against not only the Kurds but against the Iranians. Of course when he used them against the Iranians your hero President Reagan didn’t take any real action, did he?

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