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Yes, I know I touched on this yesterday but I missed this staggering statistic with regard to Spain’s economic woes and it is this;

 “Fears for Spain’s ‘imploding’ economy grew yesterday as figures revealed that one in four people in the country are out of work. The figure – 24.4 per cent – is so high it means that one jobless person in three inside the eurozone is Spanish.”

Got that? 1 in 3 of ALL the unemployed in the Eurozone are located in Spain.

How on earth can such a situation sustain itself without major social unrest? Or, is it possible that in this world of social networking, the unemployed can zone out of reality and emerge themselves in the virtual world of the Internet, of Facebook and Twitter, of texting? I suspect that is what young people are doing otherwise it is hard to understand just how placid they are behaving with so many of them without prospect of a job. Back in the late 60’s, the Beatles sang about “revolution” but nowadays those suffering the grim reality of life in the Eurozone seem anaesthetised to  protest, to demanding change. We’ve seen a flicker of protest in Greece but even that has dimmed. Is it a smouldering powerkeg or is it a damp squid?

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  1. I want to see if the Commission dissolves the Spanish Parliament and appoints a new Prime Minister/Government. Will the Spanish accept such interference in their affairs? So far both the Greeks have and the Italians but, I trust, we never will.

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