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I accept that there once was a role for trade unions  — back when we had the dark satanic mills of yore. But over the many decades they morphed into something else – self serving bullies and they offer nothing in 2013 but aggravation and turmoil. Let’s consider the UNITE trade union.

Contemptuous of democracy and industrial progress, it uses confrontation and intimidation to extend its destructive influence.

But now Unite’s enthusiasm for conflict has led it to humiliation. On Friday, after months of turmoil, strike threats and protests, the union was forced to accept a radical cost-cutting plan at the petro-chemical plant at Grangemouth in Scotland.

Management said it was the only way to protect jobs and encourage new investment. But with typical reckless intransigence, Unite refused to face up to this commercial reality until bosses threatened closure. 

Unite now faces another devastating embarrassment. Over the weekend, new evidence emerged of its drive to hijack the local constituency Labour party in Falkirk, near Grangemouth. The controversy highlights the determination of Unite to impose its political will on Labour. Not only has it given Labour £12million since 2010, but Ed Miliband was only elected party leader thanks to Unite’s votes.

Unite is led by Len McCluskey. Let’s think about him..

McCluskey, who was a Left-wing trade union organiser in Liverpool throughout the 1980s when he was a garrulous supporter of the notorious Militant Tendency, which used its control of the city council’s workforce as a vehicle to impose its hard-Left ideology. A political neanderthal, he still clings to the revolutionary dogma of his Merseyside youth. An enthusiast for Castro’s Communist regime in Cuba, he has a drawing of Lenin in his office and is fond of quoting the lines of the mercenary Latin American  radical Che Guevara ‘Hasta la Victoria  Siempre’ – until the final victory.

I listened to Bob Crowe – another prominent trade union leader – pronounce on the radio that the Government should re-nationalise all the energy companies and force people to buy solar powered housing. He’s another throwback to the mid 70’s who has attained high office in the Unions.

Workers deserve protection from these predatory union barons.

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  1. Blob the Crowe…proving that a broken (non digital) clock is right twice a day.

    Blob Crowe is as anti EU as I am -we are both in ‘The Peoples Pledge’. Yeah I find myself on the same side (on the one issue mind) as him. Makes me feel a bit weird actually.


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