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Some of you may have noticed that I have not been on the site as much as I usually am. The reason for this I have held off on discussing.

Most of you have been here long enough to know my wife, Monica (Grizzly Mama). The true center of my universe. Well her health has not been the best as of late. Last week Monica had a Double Mastectomy.

She is fine, and recovering, but it has added a tremendous amount of pressure and worry to our lives. She does not need Chemo, or anything additional at the moment. We are hoping that the skin they saved on her chest will survive allowing her to receive implants. She is going under Hyper Barometric Chamber treatments to help blood vessels grow, and preserve the skin they saved during the operations. If this works fine, but if not, that is OK with us also. The whole purpose of everything she has gone through has been to keep her amongst us for decades to come. A pair of breasts is a small price to pay to keep my baby with me.

Please say a prayer for us, and if you don’t pray send good thoughts.


The Troll

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28 thoughts on “Updates Part 2

  1. Troll

    Monica is in my prayers and I am sure I speak for the entire ATW community in saying that we wish her a speedy recovery to good health. We ALL need Grizzly Mama.

    Some folks here may not know that I was lucky to meet wit you, Monica and the girls some years ago. Those are still fond memories and I hope to see you both again – so keep the spirit strong, you and Grizzly Mama are First Citizens here. God bless you.

  2. Hey Troll,

    Both my sister and my wife have been hit with breast cancer within the past 4-years. They’ve been tough years.

    Both had surgery and radiation. My Sister seems to be in remission, but my wife (56-years old) developed a fierce cough about 6-months ago. Neither anti-biotics nor Steroids have made a dent. A recent X-Ray has shown a “spot” on one lung, but we’re waiting for a further diagnosis before anything is proposed by the doctors.

    My sister is my only living sybling, our parents are both dead and She’s a widow. She also lives 3,000 miles from me.

    I understand what you and Mama Grizzly are going through and I’ll pray for you both.

    Give your wife my regards and ya’ll take care of youselves.



  3. I wish her the very best and that she returns to full health. I suspect most of us are of an age to know people who have been affected by cancer.

    One thing that this blog has is a sense of community, and while people may fight like cats and disagree vehemently with each other (and their atrocious spelling) keeping sight of that humanity is important. Posts like this and the one earlier remind us of what is really important in life.

    I wish you all, you, your wife and your children, the very best.

  4. Very sad to hear of this, Troll. Most of us will be able to remember Monica, and those who do will remember her with fondness and respect. She was always good humoured and a good sport.
    It’s strange, but I was just thinking a few days ago that you haven’t mentioned your 2 (or 3? :)) gals recently.

    However, Monica is famously a tough fighter, and I have no doubt she will get on top of this problem in the course of time. Breast cancer seems to be all around us lately, I know so many women who have had it over the past few years (and the issue of regular scans deserves a separate post. They save countless lives in the countries where they are mandatory), but all ultimately made a good recovery and so will Monica.

    As for the aesthetic loss of the female form – this can be easily managed with openness and humour, and the bonds of love – and even the bonds of lust – can grow stronger for all that. Good luck to both of you.

    Best of luck to your wife and you also, Eddie.

  5. “and their atrocious spelling”

    Thanks for the recognition, Geoff.

    It’s not me, of course,

    It’s my keyboard. HONEST.

    It’s faulty, but I can’t afford a new one.

  6. Troll,

    What a test for all of you, I doubt I would have the fortitude to be so pragmatic about it.

    My prayers and best wishes to you all!…

  7. Thanks Noel for your best wishes. I really appreciate it.

    I’m very acerbic in my opinions and I know I offend lots of folks here, but it’s just the way I am. Please try to take my rants with a grain of salt.

    Honestly, you ALL are a fine bunch of people and this site is my favourite!

  8. Troll I an very sorry to hear what you are going through. I was thinking about your good lady yesterday when I saw your post on another thread and wondering how she was getting on with that other condition that seems to have dreadfully painful episodes. (sorry I can’t remember what it is called). It is just so unfair that she has to have this visited on her as well.

    She is a strong woman and both of you and your girls are seem such a strong unit and that I am sure will be an additional source of strength. Send her all my best.

    Eddie I hope you get good news re your wife and that your sister’s remission is without end.

  9. Sad news in difficult times, a huge cross to bear for the mother of a family. Hope she will be ok. Very sorry to hear of this trouble.

  10. As with all of us on here let me add my prayers and best wishes to you and your family Troll. That goes for you too Eddie.

    We are all part of the same ‘family’. I always think of the lines ‘No man is an island……’

  11. Monica and I say Thank you to one and all, we are both touched and warmed by your best wishes, We both also send our prayers to you and yours Eddie.

    I wasn’t going to post about this, but Mahon’s post reminded me that to me and to Monica even though she doesn’t blog anymore, that ATW is part of our family.

    She is going to be fine, I’m sure she will outlast me on this plane, hell she has put up with me for 23 years, this is just another curve in the long winding road of life.

    Thank you once again for your support,
    Monica, and Patrick

  12. I was saddened to hear of this but so impressed with the strength and love so openly shown. My best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

  13. Yo Troll,
    I noticed some weeks ago that you had gone quiet. I am so sorry to hear what your wife has been through. I think she will be needing a lot of love and understanding in the months ahead.
    You and your family will indeed be in our thoughts and I send you and your family every good wish in coming throught this together.

  14. Troll and Monica , my heartfelt good wishes go out to you both , but with good care and faith you will overcome this trial .
    May God bless you both .

  15. Troll and Monica

    I hope everything works out for you. I can only guess at what you have been going through.

  16. Troll, Monica and family,

    With every best wish that I can muster, I am confident that you are strong and united in this battle.

    Troll, take care of the lovely lady.

  17. Troll and Monica, I am so sorry to read this. My prayers go out to you and your family. Stay strong – you will get through this.

  18. once again both Monica and I thank you all, it does mean so very much to us, thank you

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