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The neocons make their move. Obama confirms that his paymasters will supply the terrorists, butchers and cannibals tearing Syria apart. Five minutes later the UK and France join in, with The Telegraph reporting that the three gangs (not “us or “we”) are meeting to decide how to run them weapons in.

Remember this and all the other surrenders to terror when we’re next supposd to believe that “we don’t talk to terrorists”. Of course they do, they always do, and now they’re again supplying the arms to terrorists so they can terrorise. Remember also that no evidence of sarin gas use by Assad has been presented. WMD lies? Fancy that! But they have to lie because the truth is that Assad is winning, and they just don’t like Assad. Do they know what the consequences will be? Of course not. We’ve seen that they have no idea. We know it.

So on the word of professonal spokesliars we’re supposed to believe that Assad is the bad one. The other side are “the rebels” see. Even when they murder in cold blood, and set off car bombs, and strafe kneeling prisoners with AK47s and cut out and chew into the hearts of slain enemies, they’re “the rebels” and now our money is taken to enable them to carry on terrorising. It’s a wicked, evil thing, but that’s our governors. Michael Rozeff describes them perfectly:

Neocons are a contemptible, vile, evil and despicable lot. Obama threw in with them on Iran sanctions, on Libya, on drone warfare throughout the world, on assassination policy, on government spying, on persecution of whistleblowers, and on government secrecy. Count Obama as a neocon. He too is a contemptible lying knave, a dishonest and unscrupulous scoundrel, intent as are the necons, on expanding  the American empire. This does not create a better world, I am sorry to say, but the neocons are too blind to see and understand this.

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  1. Yep, good article.

    MY government will be using MY taxes to supply a foreign country with the wherewithal to fight their own internal war.

    No vote, no consultation with the electorate, no nothing.
    What an absolute outrage.

  2. Its a clear sign that the rebels are on the back foot. It would seem that the usual proxy tricks failed to ignite large popular support.

  3. Aiding the rebels is a well intentioned error. There are no good choices. A lack of action is better than any action.

    One doesn’t need the usual baby talk of sinister neocons or paymasters to reach this conclusion.

    There are no Thomas Jeffersons in the Middle East. There is no good guy. There is bad, there is worse, there is even worse still. That is all.

  4. The saddest thing is that Iran and Russia will pour weapons into Assad’s gang and the West it now seems will pour weapons into the opposition gangs and there will be no shortage of stupid men willing to take up all those arms and fuel an endless flood of pain suffering misery destruction and death on the Syrian populace – and for what benefit ? A bright sunny tomorrow ? Yeah right.

  5. It is the moral imperative to want to ” do something “. That is at the heart of this. This is why the Europeans and Americans want to act – not some satanic plot to sell Monsanto seeds in Aleppo.

    This is what the conspiracy / know it all guys miss completely. They don’t think it through at all.

    Yet, the moral imperative to act can be the exact wrong course of action to take. If the rebels are heavily Al Queda, they cannot by any definition be good guys.

    We might be better suited giving weapons to Assad.

  6. Are humanitarian concerns a huge part of it?


    Is it everything?

    Of course not.

  7. Obama confirms that his paymasters will supply the terrorists, butchers and cannibals tearing Syria apart.

    No, he’s not supporting Assad, you are confusing Obama with butcher Putin and his fellow-butchers in Iran and Hezbollah. That murderous trio have no qualms about their butcher boy using nerve gas to kill his opponents, just like his butcher father did.

    A good rule of thumb: if Russia and Iran are supporting a regime with weapons, be sure that regime is a murderous one, just like theirs is. Birds of a feather.

  8. Phantom –

    I’m reading that Washington has “budgeted” for 50,000 extra dead arising from its gun-running. Some humanitarians.

    Peter –

    What nerve gas? There’s no evidence, but I’m reading that Washington intended to invoke this red line without it anyway.

    Listen, in the mad world of the Middle East, you’re siding with the biggest religious headbangers of the lot. This is not about Iran and Russia, it’s about (Saudi) Wahhabist domination.

  9. It’s about a lot more than that.

    The Sunnis have not ruled a country in which they are the big majority. They’ve been under the boot of Assad and his small Alawite group and they were never happy about that.

    There are complex other fault lines of sect and tribe etc ( as said before ), vendettas going back forever, and very recent blood on everyone’s hands from the recent fighting.

    But it doesn’t fit into any left or right dime-store political script about corporations or national interests or arms companies or any of it.

    This is a pure creation of the Middle East and the peoples that live there. I have grave fears about it. I have no solutions.

  10. This is not about Iran and Russia, it’s about (Saudi) Wahhabist domination.

    No, this is all about Iran and Russia and their client butcher boy. Iran is racing to get the bomb and is sponsoring its ally Hezbollah in Lebanon. But now Hezbollah has become the storm troopers of Iran in Syria. This needs to be stopped.

  11. Phantom –

    Today it’s not about anything other than the Wahhabist desire to overthrow what they see as an illegitate sect. Maybe London and Washington should have forced the French to leave Faisal to it in 1920. It’s never a new problem over there, it’s always blowback from past interventions.

    Peter –

    So you’re a neocon now. How many are you willing to see die for the Wahhabist cause?

  12. Pete

    No, I’m not a neocon. Let’s remember that the Syrian civil war started with peaceful arab-spring demonstrations for reform, and the butcher boy had them arrested, tortured, raped and murdered. So his regime is reaping the whirlwind, and they will fully deserve their fate. The wahabis would never had got a foothold if the regime had conceded reform two years ago.

  13. Pete

    That’s too facile

    The Syrians own this pig, which they have raised over centuries. There is no blowback here. This is not US created in any way

  14. Peter –

    Yeah, Syria quickly went from civil demonstrations to an armed uprising so severe that the army had to deploy entirely. Within a few months it went from civil demonstrations to tanks being resisted.

    But hang on, Syrian gun laws are very tight. The rate of civil firearms ownership is a half of that of the UK. So where did all these arms suddenly come from which could resist the Syrian army?

    This didn’t escalate from a starting point of peaceful demonstrations, this is a war that’s been long planned.

  15. Assad has the support of 70% of Syrians. Exactly what mandate for supporting terrorism in Syria does the gang of three believe itself to have?

  16. Oops – I forgot the link to back what I write. here it is:


    The data, relayed to NATO over the last month, asserted that 70 percent
    of Syrians support the Assad regime. Another 20 percent were deemed neutral and the remaining 10 percent expressed support for the rebels.

    The sources said no formal polling was taken in Syria, racked by two years of civil war in which 90,000 people were reported killed. They said the data came from a range of activists and independent organizations that were working in Syria, particularly in relief efforts.

    But what do Syrians matter to the armed gangs of the governments of the US, UK and France? The answer is simple – they don’t matter at all.

  17. Yeah

    Worldtribune is such a reliable source:

    “Aficionados of the Drudge Report may have noticed several striking headlines recently linking to stories from the World Tribune, an enterprise with a title as grand and ambitious as it is unfamiliar. One such story last week began, “U.S. intelligence suspects Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction have finally been located.” The apparent scoop — of stop-the-presses significance — was unsigned, and billed as a “special to World Tribune.com.” The Times, the Journal, and the Washington Post, meanwhile, not only got beat but failed even to acknowledge the news in the days that followed. What gives?

    … In fact, the World Tribune is not published in the United Kingdom, nor is it, to be precise, a newspaper. It is a Web site produced, more or less as a hobby, in Falls Church, Virginia, and is dedicated to the notion, as its mission statement explains, that “there is a market for news of the world and not just news of the weird.”

    … Its editor and publisher, Robert Morton, is an assistant managing editor at the Washington Times and a former “corporate editor” for News World Communications, the Times’ owner and the publishing arm of the Unification Church, led by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

    … World Tribune.com more fairly qualifies as something between a newspaper and a rumor-mongering blog. Call it “blews.” In this sense, it is part of a loose network of mostly conservative sites — WorldNetDaily, Dr. Koontz’s National Security Message Board, debka File (produced by a pair of Jerusalem-based journalists thought to have moles in Israeli intelligence) — whose dispatches sometimes serve as the journalistic equivalent of trial balloons …”

  18. http://www.fragilestates.org/2012/02/20/syrias-ethnic-and-religious-divides/

    For those who don’t know,anything about Syria, such as our two friends, this mqy be a quick ethnic primer.

    The Alawites are 12 pct or so of he population. They have controlled all for a long time. Yet Allan, presumably after much honest research, thinks that the huge majority of non Alawites support continued lack of representation for themselves.

    You can’t make it up. Yet, they do.

  19. http://www.fragilestates.org/2012/02/20/syrias-ethnic-and-religious-divides/

    For those who don’t know,anything about Syria, such as our two friends, this mqy be a quick ethnic primer.

    The Alawites are 12 pct or so of he population. They have controlled all for a long time. Yet Allan, presumably after much honest research, thinks that the huge majority of non Alawites support continued lack of representation for themselves.

    You can’t make it up. Yet, they do.

  20. Peter – you could be right and that ‘WorldTribune’ is not reliable. We’ll go with something that you would consider reliable and that is The Guardian:


    Suppose a respectable opinion poll found that most Syrians are in favour of Bashar al-Assad remaining as president, would that not be major news? Especially as the finding would go against the dominant narrative about the Syrian crisis, and the media considers the unexpected more newsworthy than the obvious.

    Alas, not in every case. When coverage of an unfolding drama ceases to be fair and turns into a propaganda weapon, inconvenient facts get suppressed. So it is with the results of a recent YouGov Siraj poll on Syria commissioned by The Doha Debates, funded by the Qatar Foundation. Qatar’s royal family has taken one of the most hawkish lines against Assad – the emir has just called for Arab troops to intervene – so it was good that The Doha Debates published the poll on its website. The pity is that it was ignored by almost all media outlets in every western country whose government has called for Assad to go.

    The key finding was that while most Arabs outside Syria feel the president should resign, attitudes in the country are different. Some 55% of Syrians want Assad to stay, motivated by fear of civil war – a spectre that is not theoretical as it is for those who live outside Syria’s borders.

    That was 55% in January 2012 and with the violence by foreign terrorists increasing in line with arms supplies to them from ‘humanitarian’ western regimes, 70% by today would not be unreasonable. You see, it is unlikely that Syrians are force-fed the lies which corporate media in the west tells you so they would have a different perspective.

  21. Allan

    So the 88% non-alawites are content to be ruled by the 12% alawites, who have murdered and tortured them for decades, and who rip off all the fruits of power to themselves.

    Yeah, very likely.

  22. Allan…I told you to stay away from cults…you’re like a sponge….now you’re quoting moonies…not good….not good…:-P

  23. That’s right Phantom, you know all about Syria and no-one else knows anything, including people like me who’ve been there. You know all about it because you know “it’s complicated”. Very profound.

  24. Though,,,,

    A post overthrow genocidal bloodbath led by Al Queda might make the non Alawites pause.

    Who would want their country to be another Rwanda or like Cambodia in the Khmer Rouge times?

    The worst case scenario is very bad.

  25. Pete

    You see Dick Cheney behind every bad thing that ever happened in every land. That is not thinking. It is the opposite of thinking. And you’ve been up to it for some time.

  26. You see Dick Cheney behind every bad thing that ever happened in every land.

    You mean he wasn’t? Who knew?

  27. Thanks for telling us the worst case scenario is very bad. That’s real insight that is.

    Nope, I read my post and failed to see Cheney’s name. Care to point out where I missed it?

    Course not. Patty was right earlier on. You screw every thread you comment on.

  28. Well Peter – why don’t YOU go over to Syria and poke your nose into their business?

    The fact that the terrorists are foreigners supplied by western regimes means that ordinary Syrians have little choice but to support somebody who is Syrian and who is not going to abandon his country to the fate of Libya. I hope that Assad’s troops prevail in their own country as they have the support of patriotic Syrians.

  29. You increasingly do not like being challenged or engaged with in any way that is not agreement.

    All is black and white with you, with all problems having the same cause.

    Here, yet another link to a Ron Paul aligned site. For God’s sake.

    Say the word, and I’ll never challenge you on these pages again.

    Otherwise, lose the attitude.

  30. As for Obama being a ‘neo-con’ the guy is so stupid that he’ll be whatever he’s told to be, so I disagree with the reference. Watch this:

    The majority of Americans will agree with Obama’s words: a tiny minority will know that they are sheer stupidity. That’s what democracy is about.

  31. I hope that Assad’s troops prevail in their own country as they have the support of patriotic Syrians.

    LOL. Patriotic Syrians = 100% of Alawites and a small % of the Sunni majority, and massive support from Russia and Iran. This is a murdering regime which has only survived until now because of the support of fellow murdering regimes. Its days are numbered.

  32. Phantom –

    I couldn’t give a monkey’s if you challenge my opinion. I’m sick of your lying and your trolling, You’re the reason why people comment here less often. You deflate every thread.

    And stop that stupid habit you Yanks have of talking about banning people from threads.

  33. The majority of Americans will agree with Obama’s words: a tiny minority will know that they are sheer stupidity. That’s what democracy is about.

    So you have a better idea? Maybe Putin’s Russia with its lapdog media and the threat of murder against any journalist who exposes them?

  34. I’m afraid to even read what has been written on this thread…

    First off Winnie once said “When your enemy fights your enemy.. you let him” The more these people kill each other the better we are.

    The Obama Administration has already been supplying arms to the Syrians. That’s what went wrong in Benghazi and got our Ambassador killed. As for the derisive headline you have no problem with American Arms Inc when the Hun are trying to kick your door in though do ya?

    This administration is out of control and performing action after action that is damaging the society, endangering our lives, and encouraging our enemies.

    Pete your opinion on anything to do with American policy on anything isn’t just suspect it’s crap.

    As for your outrage over this regimes actions the outrage is shared by many Americans, and like us guess what your going to have to suffer the consequences of this criminal regime for three more years just like the rest of us.

    and the worse is yet to come I assure you

  35. I will show more restraint than you deserve and will point out that

    A) Truth is such an stranger to you that you think it is lies

    B) No one is banned from my threads, i banned one person ( Pinky ) for one day and then immediately thought it a bad idea, and reversed the policy. We’ve been fine ever since.

    C) You have demonstrated a weak knowledge of history esp. the history of taxation in the US and UK, and of economics. over time. I don’t call you a liar for these howlers. I recognize that these are weak subjects for you. We can all do better.it is not trolling to correct a huge number of errors over time. If you can’t take it, again say so. Otherwise, comsider the fact that since 95 percent of US and UK people reject your economic views, you might not be all knowing. Of the Iron Laws I think you call them.

    Now again – lose the attitude and the control freak tendencies. A bit more live and let live will benefit all quickly. Life is short.

  36. I can understand scepticism about the Syrian rebels or Western governments but does it really need to be aligned with wide eyed credulousness about the actions and motives of the “Patriotic” Assad regime which is the poor innocent victim of “murder in cold blood, and set off car bombs,”.

    Claims made by France, the USA and the UK about the Syrian regime are treated like self evident absurdities. Yet propaganda about the rebels that comes from the Assad regime and its foreign backers is parroted as though it were the unquestioned truth.

  37. Phantom –

    Yes, please stick to correcting my factual errors. It would make a welcome change from the repetitive and juvenile Ron Paul/the-world-don’t-work-like-that nonsense.

    It’s the weekend and you have time to contribute. Put up a post. It’s time you spent an hour adding to the front page.

  38. Ross – nobody is saying that the Assad regime is benign. After all, it has been present now for decades and that doesn’t happen without an authoritarian apparatus in place to ensure the regime’s survival. What is happening is that the corporate regimes of the US, UK and France are intent on displacing Assad’s Syrian regime with their own puppet regime and are using all manner of lies, propaganda, murder and mayhem to justify this invasion – it’s all external forces so it’s an invasion with a few collaborating placemen.

    As for a sect of 12% ruling a country, in the US and UK a sect comprising fewer than 2% of these populations has complete control over finance, media and government, yet mentioning it brings calumny upon he who dares say so – but it is true:


    I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,” down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.

    Abe Foxman of the ADL comments: “That’s a very dangerous phrase, ‘Jews control Hollywood.’ What is true is that there are a lot of Jews in Hollywood,” he said. Instead of “control,” Foxman would prefer people say that many executives in the industry “happen to be Jewish,” as in “all eight major film studios are run by men who happen to be Jewish.”

    But I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.

  39. But this is a beauty from Phantom in his dispute with Pete above:

    Otherwise, consider the fact that since 95 percent of US and UK people reject your economic views, you might not be all knowing

    This ‘95%’ – do they know where money comes from?

    Do they know that money is created as debt as it enters the economy and, because of usury, will take more money out of the economy – their economy – than was loaned in to begin with? This causes recession until………..even more money is loaned into the economy and debt increases commensurately. And on and on and on until the economy and the people who live within that economy are saturated with unsustainable debt. Then what?

  40. Pete

    I’ll contribute when I feel like it, which will be more frequently than in the recent past. I told Petr what I would do, with no prompting from you. Don’t you worry.

    What I hope you will never see from me is a breathless copy of a press article, with a few words ” did yiz see wot the bastids did now “?

    The world economy, esp over the past 50 years, does -not- and has never run the way that you guys say that it has run or that it must run. It is not trolling, is ” realitying ” to point this out. I’ve given many specific examples where what you believed was flat wrong, esp on taxes, but you never concede a point. You only get angrier when the next error or logical flaw is corrected. Details upon request.

    You have fallen victim to the economic equivalent of Scientology. Tom Cruise doesn’t like when one calls bullshit on his cult either.

    There are a bunch of great people here. Happy Saturday to all!

  41. And now one sees a report from the Daily Mail, (though since scrubbed from its website but captured by theblackvault.com) which stated that:

    Leaked emails have allegedly proved that the White House gave the green light to a chemical weapons attack in Syria that could be blamed on Assad’s regime and in turn, spur international military action in the devastated country.

    The screenshot of the email was captured by Infowars – of all places!!!??? but here it is


    File name: Sirian Issue.eml
    Email between David Goulding who is the Business Development Director and Philip regarding a new offer about an operation in syria.


    We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington.
    We’ll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have.
    They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.
    Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?

    Kind regards


  42. Phantom –

    I think you’re confusing me with your compatriot.

    You’ll have to step right up, because I’m stepping down a touch. I’ll still post but I’m not having a chunk of my day wasted by thread killing rubbish.

    I don’t know what people want to talk about anyway, apart from moaning about each other. They certainly don’t want to discuss events, and I’m not interested in celebrity gossip.

    So chop chop, get off this thread and start entertaining us.

  43. There may be the beginning of a common groud then.

    Less freaking out, and I’d gently suggest a bit less moaning and groaning about -everything.

    Highy effective people do not do that. A shift by all from so much whining would be fine.

    On any event, there is no need for many posts a day, esp many that say the same thing all the time. One post every two days would be good, if it was a good one, one that ventured into some new ground.

  44. Phantom,

    “Highy effective people do not do that. A shift by all from so much whining would be fine.”

    a) Even mildly effective people don’t do that, and if one is trying to be ‘effective’ then don’t post comments on a blog – blogging is solely a means of expressing opinion!

    b) One man’s whining is another man’s expression of dissatisfaction, – that we have so much to be unhappy about these days may make some uncomfortable, it doesn’t make them wrong. What you seem to call whining is nothing more than an opposing point-of-view

    That most news items refer to ‘bad things’ surely invites more derogatory comments than the occasional ‘happy news event’.

    I would suggest that ‘posters’ just post, and leave commenters to debate the topic and only rarely intervening in a thread. Some posters end up virtually arguing with themselves.

    I would also suggest that, given the wide spectrum of the readership that anything less than three posts a day would be detrimental.

  45. Now that is a sixtyfour dollar question. I have never ever considered it, not being the most popular or most tolerant guy in the bar, I doubt my ‘grandpa’ style of rhetoric would be tolerated for long, my opinions being based on what are now considered ‘old-fashioned’ if not outright obsolete, criteria, – a style that most here find derisory.

    I saw what happened to Andrew McCann with his rather forthright manner of delivery, and while I enjoy being a commenter, I doubt a regular position would be suitable.

    If I had anything really of interest to say David has said he would post anything I offered him, – a very generous, ‘best of both worlds’ offer under the circumstances.

    I am flattered that you asked the question…

  46. Your life experience of considerable time spent in the US ( Florida, yet ) as well as England, as well active duty in the Korean War give you perspectives that no one else here has.

    I’d be interested in hearing more of what you have to say.

    Possible subjects including US as compared with British ways, or what it was like serving in the UN forces in Korea.

    Were you drafted? What part of the army? Did you interact with US or other allied forces much? Did you see combat duty and do you care to speak about it? Or about the incredibly cold winters there, which I imagine that you experienced?

    This war, so close in time to the Second World War, is not talked about or understood enough.

  47. Yes – now you have given me pause for thought! – although you have just about summed up my entire cv!

    All of that stuff – and some. whether it might appeal to the wider audience – I’m not so sure, – such experiences tend to fashion views and opinions that are not that fashionable at this time. political correctness had yet to reach its current level of ludicrous intensiveness – ‘back in the 50-60’s’.

    I think I would prefer to comment on those topics, as, and when the occasion arose, as even drawing on personal experiences can be rather limited and even boring to the reader.

  48. Hey Pete just a question as of your behavior of late.

    When did ATW become the Pete Moore?

    Was there an announcement by David that I missed stating that YOU are now in charge of the blog?

    He didn’t mention that fact the last time I communicated with him.

    You nor I am the owner or face of this blog. David Vance is… not Patrick Van Roy or Pete Moore.

    Pete you represent a certain perspective, one that many disagree with and don’t like, as do I.

    This however is not your blog, you DO NOT make the rules or enforce them. David does just fine, he doesn’t need your help, nor do the rest of us want it.

  49. Ernest

    A post from you now and then would be very welcome.

    Phantom you could do more, as could Patty. Remember if you don’t like what another person posts Phantom you could add to the variety with your own.

  50. Troll — Pete may act like he owns the shop at times, but I’ll say one thing for him: he never orders people off his threads (as far as I know) and that is to his credit.


    Well, it has supplied so many other terrorists before, it problably thinks: Why change a winning formula?

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