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Well now – looks like the "pragmatists" are being given the upper hand in the Bush administration these days. I read that the United States announced yesterday that it would participate at an “ice-breaker” regional conference in Baghdad alongside Syria and Iran — both pariah states with whom President Bush refuses to have direct talks.

Although officials confirmed that the US was ready to attend the conference on the future of Iraq next month, there was confusion last night about whether it would sit down around a negotiating table with Syrian and Iranian diplomats. 

Sean McCormack, the State Department spokesman, did not rule out bilateral contact, saying:

“We’ll see. The focus is on Iraq. The Iraqi Government is convening the meeting. We look forward to attending it. At this point I’m not going to try to predict what direction the discussions might take, the interactions might take.”

The US idea that Iran and Syria will bring stability to the region is surreal and it strikes me that the Bush regime has entirely lost the Middle East plot. Condi may be in the ascendancy but the Bush doctrine lies in tatters. We are now with those who are against us. Wonderful.

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  1. I could not agree more. Most of Washington seems to wish that the Middle East would just settle down and go away. And has the hubris to think that if they wish it hard enough it will just happen. They say they’re "realists" but I think in fact they’re narcissists.

  2. >>>They say they’re "realists" but I think in fact they’re narcissists.<<<

    nothing is going to change until Saudi Arabia is taken to task. And nothing will happen there until the oil runs out. Infact its likely only going to get worse, as, surprise surprise, it looks like both israel and the US are backing sunni jihadist groups around the middle east, as a bulwark against shiite domination from iran.

    Iran-contra II here we come. oddly enough its the same faces.

  3. It seems some people have to be reminded again and again that in these power games there are no principles – despite the oceans of cant that comes from the current White House – only pragmatic interests.

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