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While he admits that he was a pot smoker and cocaine snorter,  I don’t think  President Obama has come straight out and admitted yet that he is a serial liar.

That said, the list of Obama’s lies is well-known and  epic.  If you’re still in denial, here’s a link with a laundry list of Obama Big Ones for you to peruse.  Some of Obama’s lies are small. Some are enormous.

 Here is one example of a standard, run-of-the-mill Obama lie:    “Fence between US and Mexico is “Practically Complete”    Department of Homeland Security says 5%

How can anyone  still support President Obama?  Why do people buy lemons from used car dealers?

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3 thoughts on “Used Car Salesman

  1. Used car salesman

    Shorely shum mishtake…

    You mean

    Used Snakeoil salesman

    Or the ‘False lefty messiah’ of biblical proportiona 😉

  2. How can anyone still support President Obama? Why do people buy lemons from used car dealers?

    I put it down to sheer stupidity. or ‘Socialism’ the curse of the 21st century .. and as one of the resident nieve lefties recently stated ‘Reference’ Global warming’ if we do not do something now. Our cheeeldren will think in 50 years time, we were a load of wasteful wankers 😉 .. quite, welcome to the incurable disease of the 21st century ‘Socialism’

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