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Have to laugh at the lefts tears for Chavez. But to be fair, they are shared by others…

Iran declared a day of national mourning on Wednesday after the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who shared the Islamic Republic’s loathing for U.S. “imperialism”.

So, here’s a little reality check on Victor the Caudillo

Violence was his medium. A junior army officer, he did not hesitate to mount a coup, and once in power to devise a constitution that made him leader for life. He drove thousands into exile, expropriating their land and property. Venezuela depends on its oil, and nationalization of the oil companies gave him funds with which to buy popularity. Nobody knows the scale of the ensuing corruption, but rumor has it that Chávez and his family have amassed a fortune of $2 billion. Every week, he raised the political temperature with Alo Presidente, his very own television program, unscripted, the humor and the menace interchangeable. He militarized his supporters, putting them into red shirts and red berets. Opponents had to get the point, or face arrest if they didn’t.

Hostility to the United States is an expedient many a caudillo has found useful. On the one hand, Chávez continued to sell oil to the United States — and on the other he did what he could to obstruct its foreign policy. Fidel Castro was the model to whom he deferred with the obsequiousness of a pupil towards the headmaster. He paid one official visit to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and another to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Iran. Robert Mugabe, Moammar Qaddafi, and Bashar Assad were others in this supportive circle of dictators, misnamed by him as beloved brother revolutionaries. In front of the United Nations General Assembly he referred to George W. Bush as the devil and claimed to smell sulfur. In front of a media pack he humiliated Barack Obama by giving him a book making a polemical case against alleged Yankee imperialism.

And all for all you lefties here is a picture of the way he was…

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41 thoughts on “VICTOR, WE NEVER KNEW YOU…

  1. I think Hugo Chavez embodied international socialism- making a lot of noise but ultimately dying from the inside.

  2. When someone immediately has to tell lies – as in the quoted article – about someone who has just died in order to make a point, it really makes you think the subject maybe wasn’t such a bad guy after all.

  3. Excellent comment piece from Daniel Hannan:

    “Latin America’s tragedy is easily summarised. The state does too little and too much. Too little in the sense that it fails to operate a universal system of justice in which property rights are secure, disputes arbitrated by independent magistrates and redress available to individuals; too much in the sense that it runs massive public works schemes, owns large corporations, and buys electoral support by placing voters on the payroll. Such a system cannot fail to be corrupt. If you have a dispute with your neighbour, you don’t rely on the courts; you phone your friend who knows a general. If you want to get rich, you don’t make things or sell things; you secure a government contract. After years of misgovernment, Latin Americans have given up: they elect autocrats not in the hope of a better future, but as a howl of rage.

    Is there any hope? Yes. One country that rears above the red tide is Colombia, whose former leader, Alvaro Uribe, achieved a level of popularity that the Bolivarians could only dream of. How? Partly by defeating the terrorist groups and disarming the militias, so that Colombia came back under the rule of law; and partly by a privatisation programme that reduced opportunities for nepotism.”

  4. Why is it that the apologists for these various “Heroes of Socialism” and “Defenders of the Revolution” never go to live under these regimes?
    Why is it that they so all their defending from the safety and comfort of the corrupt and decadent West?

  5. //I suspect those who suffered under his jackboot may not quite feel your sense of loss//

    Well, as those under his jackboot voted him into office several times, I’m pretty certain their sense of loss is greater than mine, as I could hardly care less.

    But the loss I was talking about was the loss of truth in the article you quote.
    You see, while I appreciate that the people in your political orbit are no doubt too benighted to see them, these lies do rather stick out a bit for anyone who knows anything about politics. And you’re just making yourself look silly by peddling them here.

  6. Peter, right at the start this idiot says that C “devised a constitution that made him leader for life”. That’s nonsense. C was voted (back) into power after the new constitution was introduced. The constitution had no such power. In fact, C tried to bring in a new constitution only a year or two ago IIRC, and it was defeated in a referendum.
    In the next line he says that C “He drove thousands into exile, expropriating their land and property”. That’s also a lie.

    After reading two lies in two lines, and in view of the brevity of life, I decided not to waste further time on this junk.

  7. Maybe Wiki also lies about the sainted Chavez:

    “In 2010, Amnesty International criticized the Chávez administration for targeting critics following several politically motivated arrests.[285] Freedom House listed Venezuela as being “partly free” in its 2011 Freedom in the World annual report, noting a recent decline in civil liberties.[286] A 2010 Organization of American States report found concerns with freedom of expression, human rights abuses, authoritarianism, press freedom, threats to democracy,[287][288] as well as erosion of separation of powers, the economic infrastructure and ability of the president to appoint judges to federal courts.[287][288][289] OAS observers were denied access to Venezuela….

    Venezuelan Judge Maria Afiuni was arrested in 2009 on charges of corruption, after she ordered the conditional release on bail of banker Eligio Cedeño, who had been held on charges of fraud and other crimes due to alleged illegal currency trading activities. Some human rights officials alleged the arrest was politically motivated; Cedeño “had been in pretrial detention for nearly three years, despite a two-year limit prescribed by Venezuelan law”.[293] Cedeño later fled to the U.S. to avoid prosecution. Following Afiuni’s arrest, several groups, including the United Nations, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the Episcopal Conference of Venezuela, Human Rights Watch, the Law Society of England and Wales, the U.S. Department of State, and the European Union Parliament accused Chávez of “creating a climate of fear” among Venezuela’s legal profession.[293][294][295][296][297][298][299][300] The European Parliament called it “an attack on the independence of the judiciary by the President of a nation, who should be its first guarantor”.[301] A director of Human Rights Watch said, “Once again the Chávez government has demonstrated its fundamental disregard for the principle of judicial independence.”[293]….

    Although the freedom of the press was mentioned by two key clauses in the 1999 Constitution of Venezuela, in 2008, Human Rights Watch criticized Chávez for engaging in “often discriminatory policies that have undercut journalists’ freedom of expression.”[280] Freedom House listed Venezuela’s press as being “Not Free” in its 2011 Map of Press Freedom, noting that “[t]he gradual erosion of press freedom in Venezuela continued in 2010.”[302] Reporters Without Borders criticized the Chávez administration for “steadily silencing its critics”.[303] In the group’s 2009 Press Freedom Index, Reporters Without Borders noted that “Venezuela is now among the region’s worst press freedom offenders.”[303]”

  8. This is of course all lies and smears. As are the links I posted.
    The man was a misunderstood Saint.
    He posed with those guys in the photos above because he was led to believe they were emissaries from the Holy Father, and as a good Catholic he embraced them..

    Noel is NEVER wrong.
    Misunderstood perhaps, but never wrong. 🙂

  9. but rumor has it that Chávez and his family have amassed a fortune of $2 billion.

    Some sketchy jackass claims it on a radio show and now it’s fact?

    I’m no fan of Chavez, couldn’t give rat’s ass about his life, rule or death. But why oh why do conservatives need to jump off the deep end and hyperventilate over scraps of speculative information when it concerns the “wrong” side?

    It makes us look unserious, disingenuous and pathetically silly.

  10. //Wiki also lies about the sainted Chavez://


    Can you specify the lies in the piece you quote.

  11. Daphne

    It’s the nature of partisan politics – a hint of a rumour with a a tiny grain of potentially damaging truth about your opponent will be magnified into a boulder while a fat great glaring obvious scandal about your political ally will remain the elephant in the room..

  12. I do love the lack of a decent interval here. Some people couldn’t even wait for his body to cool down before they came with the character attacks.

    I wonder would they take as kindly to it when people do it to Maggie when she kicks the bucket?

  13. Oh I would have attacked his character while he was among the living. I don’t think one has to refrain from pointing out his faults now that he’s gone on, especially given the amen chorus of folks claiming he was some great leader.

    The attacks however should be factual.

  14. Thatcher too has her faults and I’d be willing to point them out anytime. She also had her strong points.

  15. But would many of the people on this site be happy if you pointed them out within hours of her death?

  16. Seamus –

    “But would many of the people on this site be happy if you pointed them out within hours of her death?”

    Notwithstanding the clear desire on the Left for Lady Thatcher to die and die soon, I wouldn’t give a monkey’s.

    But then I’m not a po-faced authoritarian tosser with a pathological need to bore the crap out of everyone by constantly policing what other people say.

  17. He lowered income disparities to lowest level in western hemisphere, the bastard!

  18. Noel posted


    Can you specify the lies in the piece you quote.

    What lies? You are making the accusation, you back it up. That’s how it works.

  19. Where is the reliable evidence that Chavez salted away $2billion of Venezuela’s wealth into his estate? We do know that Chavez demanded the return of Venezuela’s sovereign gold from vaults in New York and London.

  20. Peter, Noel specified the lies here and he is right; these things are provably false, they are not debatable, they are simply and demonstrably not true.

    You then said maybe wiki also lies, and Noel ask you to specify where the lies were in the piece you quoted.

  21. Harri

    That source on Chavez’ income quotes the same unknown firm that Patty referred to yesterday.

    We don’t know how much money he had. There are plenty enough grounds to criticize the guy who killed the country’s economy without making things up.

  22. I have said repeatedly that I have no idea.

    As you have no idea, as Patty has no idea, as the unknown website / security firm in Florida presumably has no idea.

    There is nothing wrong with admitting that you don’t know something when you don’t know it.

  23. Phantom, on March 7th, 2013 at 12:54 PM Said:
    I have said repeatedly that I have no idea.

    Do some research and try and find out then Phantom, you have no interest granted, but some of us do .. sporadic posting today, far too usy at work


  24. We won’t know anytime soon, if ever, Harri.

    Googling anti Castro / anti Chavez blogs is not research.

  25. I was reading this in the doctor’s surgery this morning Phantom..


    and this..

    Truth is though, how many people really know the inside story outside of Venezuela?
    Personally I would rather stay where I am than suffer with the oppressed and downtrodden.
    If I really wanted to know how much money he had salted away, I would ask to see his wife’s collection of shoes or handbags or whatever.

  26. Even on left of center NPR radio yesterday, they spoke of the ruined economy, and how he persecuted the ” capitalist ” class there.

    I’m sure glad I don’t live there. The future is not bright. It will take a long, long time to recover from such rule, and the bad rule that came before him.

  27. Agie — Establishment media, as well as fools on blogs, are always going to hate someone like Chavez. Now they can say what they like, you can’t libel the dead.

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