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I was amused to read that the political left’s poster-boy, French President Francois Hollande, wants to CUT the public sector debt. 

French President Francois Hollande’s government is due to present its first budget, and is expected to commit to a sharp reduction in the public deficit. The budget will include measures to plug a 30bn euro (£23.8bn; $38.7bn) hole in the country’s finances.

So far, so good, but then the lunacy…

Officials have suggested roughly two-thirds of the money will be come from tax rises rather than spending cuts.

Yip, INCREASE Taxes, and boost public sector salaries and pensions. That simply has to boost French productivity, right? Zut alors, I feel sorry for those French who didn’t vote for this lunatic Hollande! Mind you, most of them are headed to London, as estate agents in the wealthier parts of that foreign city will testify!

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8 thoughts on “VIVE LE FRANCE

  1. Which major country does budgets / public sector employment obligations best?

    Serious question – I’m not sure what the answer would be.

  2. All the so called ‘Leaders’ once they get into ‘power’ soon find out who the real bosses are.

  3. Hmmm… Le France is a passenger liner but la France is a country, so I’ll assume the latter is intended.

    There was recently an ‘election’ in France and the Establishment offered Sarkozy (M. Metissage) and the dolt Hollande. Outside of the Establishment was Marine Le Pen of the Front National. Marine Le Pen was and is by far the better person and a patriot, a quality openly disparaged by the Establishment and its press. Here is an example:


    – Another strategy: we should continue to stigmatise far-right parties. That’s because stigmatisation works. –

    Well, Simon Kuper (zionist), who exactly are ‘we’?

  4. Simon Kuper? Isn’t he that Ugandan who writes about football? He’s another immigrant who can sod off.

    Back to France:

    France has approved a “temporary” 75 percent tax rate for earnings over one million euros ($1.3 million) as part of a 2013 budget.

    In addition, the tax rate will climb to 45 percent for revenues at 150,000 euros mark.

    These people are completely insane. France needs massive spending cuts, defaults and to obliterate red tape. Instead, all they can do is thieve even more until wealth-producers flee. Hollande will wake up one day and find there’s no tax base left.

  5. ‘Austerity’ for the Plebs masses, France, Spain, Greece, Ireland, no matter.. that blue touch paper has been lit, nothing can stop it now, the time for pitchforks & flaming torches grows ever nearer .. the richer the EU marxists get, the more pissed off the plebs citizens become.. ‘All in this together’ my butt, never mind, not a good time to be sucking on that gravy train EU teat .. those lampposts and piano wire, are ‘a calling’. it’s just a matter of time.

  6. Pete Moore, on September 28th, 2012 at 3:45 pm Said:
    Simon Kuper? Isn’t he that Ugandan who writes about football? He’s another immigrant who can sod off.

    Back to France:

    And then back through all the other ‘safe’ countries he passed through, untill he actually reaches Uganda 😉

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