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Because the vast majority of the ‘voters’ in this land of ours don’t read anything else than that which panders to their tribal loyalties, I wonder if they would believe that, by measures deemed ‘populous’ by the Labour spin masters, their votes have been corrupted, cheapened, invalidated and ignored? I wonder if they even care!

I refer of course to the measure introduced by the cynical power-hungry Labour Government to widen the scope of ‘Postal Voting’. Now there is nothing wrong in principle of allowing a voter to register and require a ‘Postal vote’, after all I used to use that facility myself. I worked away from my home for over seventeen years, and I voted in all General and Local Elections. That of course was because I obeyed the rules, which were set out to make things easier for those such as I to participate in the Democratic Process.

But the Labour Scum who have infested Westminster altered the rules, and allowed Postal Voting on demand, and therefore opened the whole process to abuse, fraud and criminal behaviour! As I posted some little time ago, we are in danger of descending to the electoral levels of a Banana Republic, with the exception of not having as good a climate.

The Labour scum won’t amend the system, and I hope that in the event of a long-hoped for change of Government, the Tories will bite the bullet and change the system to remove even the possibility of fraud, misuse and deception which is apparent today!

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