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About three years back, I posted on the donation of the World Cup to South Africa by FIFA. At the time, many opined that South Africa would be ready in all respects, Well, I do believe them, except that the provisions are somewhat distant from the shiny bright vision shown to the inspecting committees.

Okay, the lights have been switched on at the Green Point stadium, and most of the other venues are nearing completion, but the tickets are not being bought by the tourists from Britain and Germany, the locals are buying them at cut-price. Apart from the Icelandic volcano, which is something new, the fans are staying away in droves because of the murders, the rapes, the violent robberies which are reported on a daily basis. They are staying away because they feel they will not be welcome in a land where the leader of the ANC Junior League holds the anthem ‘Kill the Boer’ as his theme tune. The same leader who has become a multi-millionaire despite having no business education whatsoever! They are staying away because they fear a repetition of the attack on the Togo team while they were in Angola. They see the photos of the streets in Durban and wonder if they will regret their visit to the ‘Rainbow Nation’. 


They may well be reassured with the knowledge that there are very good mortuary and morgue facilities in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.


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2 thoughts on “Wanna’ buy a world cup ticket, cheap?

  1. Just took a look at the "Death of Durban" blogsite.

    Think I’ll give that city, country, continent a very wide miss!

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