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If you are an “on the run” war criminal, the UK seems to be thedestination de jour

The Home Office last year identified nearly 100 suspected war criminals who had made UK immigration applications, figures released to the BBC suggest. The majority of cases involved people already likely to have been living in Britain for a number of years. Suspects originated from countries including Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Rwanda, Serbia and Sri Lanka.

The irony is that under Human Rights Law, most of these war criminals get to stay in the UK because they can claim they will be treated badly if they were to be returned to the land where they committed their crimes! How perverse is that and what greater exposure of the utter folly of “Human Rights: law that it can be used to provide sanctuary to some of the greatest Human Rights abusers on this planet? There is the additional irony that the UK taxpayer must then cough up the cash to keep these war criminals in the style to which they have become accustomed in the UK!

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3 thoughts on “WAR CRIMINAL HEAVEN…

  1. I think after today’s ruling against the disabled courts are now less likely to listen to HR legislation for future ruling in all matters.

  2. It’s an interesting academic point that in order to have a war criminal you must first have a war. If the above conflists are described as wars doesn’t it then stand that anyone combatants captured are POW’s?

    However, if these people are indeed suspected of war crimes and cannot be returned to their respective countries for fear of torture or death they should be tried on the allegations (International Criminal Court?) and, if found guilty, the only cash the tax payer should cough up is to keep them in prison, (which the administrations of their respective countries should be billed for).

  3. Only 100?

    “The majority of cases involved people already likely to have been living in Britain for a number of years.”

    I’d be surprised if there’s a criminal left on the planet who isn’t living it up on the British tax-victim’s money. This country is completely insane.

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