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The corruptocracy’s back in the saddle, trousering the loot and – again – trying to keep the peasants from knowing what they’re doing with our money. Why do we allow them to piss on us like this? Oh that’s right, we have to pay our taxes apparently.

Guido has it right. They’re simple frauds, but they’re schemes which would see you or me banged up if we did the same: “If these people were claiming housing benefit “Rent Swapping” like this would fall into the category of benefit fraud plain and simple, it is in the parlance of welfare fraud investigators a “contrived tenancy” punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment. Stay tuned. There is more to come…”

Note that it’s Bercow again pissing on us (extra tar and feathers for him, come the day). The middle class voters of Buckingham really disproved any link between wealth and intelligence when they chose this knob over Farage at the general election.

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  1. Bercowitz is a piece of what I don’t want on my shoes, but he’s merely representative of the calibre of Parliament. In this case, he is attempting to act in the financial interest of MPs as a whole but counter to the interests of those who put him and the rest of them in power to shit all over us. Of course, I declare myself blameless because I vote for none of them.

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