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Reading about the “savage cuts” being inflicted upon the Arts community, and how terrible the little luvvies are all feeling.

Well, folks, I kinda feel terrible as well, with the knowledge that taxpayers’ cash is being thrown away on so-called ‘Art’ projects.

I have no problem with mainstream funding of the Arts, with music, galleries, all sorts of projects in line for a share of the total, which this year works out to £354.000.000; that, folks, in words of course is Three Hundred & Fifty-four Million Pounds.

But, and it is rather a large ‘But’, do we have to give our cash away, to the tune of over £2 million; to people such as the Baltic Contemporary Arts Centre, which I visited a few years ago?  This place cost somewhere around £64 million to ‘transform’, and it has achieved some sort of record as being the least-visited open space in the North-East of England. Least-visited because Geordies, beiong practical people like me, have very little time for pretence or posturing rubbish. True, there are Labour Members of Parliament from the North-East, but one supposes that every area has its own blind spots!

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6 thoughts on “Warning; approaching deprived ‘luvvies’ area

  1. I am always reminded of what Churchill said when told that the arts would have to be cut to pay for the war effort. His reply: “Well what are we fighting for then?”

  2. Simples. The right for US to decide to cut all Arts funding.

    and I hope we do…..along with foreign aid, a huge chunk of NHS wasatge funding and all EU subs.
    The Economy…there I fixed it for you.

  3. Thats ‘Wastage’. I’d also like to add Stoodent grant’s, Uniiversity funding for most non proper science based courses and Taffy/ Jockland toytown assemblies etc. Plus at least 50% of Whitehall civil servants…yer out!

  4. I do like the baltic flour mill (I got married there in fact)… but I take your point.

  5. Dogis,

    Not to be “picky”-
    but you forgot the useless quangos…

    Now don’t forget the quangos
    the quangos, the qu-angos
    No, don’t forget the quangos
    They waste your money too.!

    (to the tune of the “Keel Row”. A song me Geordie Da used to sing to us kids in moments of melancholia..
    oh! and a few Newcastle Brown Ales) 😉

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