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10 thoughts on “Watch: Dr. Fauci, Sen. Rand Paul Clash During Congressional Hearing

  1. Rand Paul is a smirking, argumentative tool, who brings nothing to the table.

    He’s fairly anti vaxx, and is a reason why Kentucky has a low vaccination rate.

    He is part of the remarkable national Republican Party movement to kill off their own voters, the first time we’ve seen such a movement since Pol Pot was riding high.

    1. EVERYONE is WRONG but YOU Phantom…………………… When you get to that stage you need to turn the mirror on yourself and ask why that is the case, you may find you are the one thats wrong all along

  2. The epidemiologists and scientists of the US Europe and world would be hugely in line with Dr. Fauci, and not with the professional know-nothings and basement bloggers.

    But of course

    “the scientists are all on the take out of fear of losing their funding”
    “the virus is a hoax anyway, a trick to keep Trump from being re-elected in 2020 “

    1. I didn’t say the virus is a hoax, but yet again your right all the time. If you ask me you NEVER have anything positive to say, you come on here and ALL you do is slag off others. PSST that’s says more about you than those you are commenting on

  3. Rand Paul has been a particularly contemptible figure in all of this.

    In 2020, he defied procedure as the virus was starting to get bad, and went to the Senate gym, where he contracted the coronavirus, thus endangering all those he came into contact with, including other Senators and their staffs.

    He has refused to take the vaccine, against the advice of medical authority, since ” he had the disease already ” ( as if ) . By setting a bad personal example for his poor state of Kentucky, where there is much obesity, opioid abuse, and general bad health, he will roll out the red carpet to Delta variant deaths there.

    Here, he doesn’t say that he disagrees with Fauci. He accuses Fauci of doing something wrong , and he also basically accuses Fauci of lying to Congress under oath.

    There may be people lower than Rand Paul, but there wouldn’t be many of them.

  4. Listen to yourself Phantom…. really.
    “He is part of the remarkable national Republican Party movement to kill off their own voters, the first time we’ve seen such a movement since Pol Pot was riding high.”
    Are you a Fanatic, a Mad Man or a Fool ?… that statement only comes out of the mouth of one of those 3.

    The Paul’s are tools and always have been carny conmen, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t occasionally correct.
    Fauci paid for the advance gain research, he had no maladjusted motive or malice in doing so he’s a research geek in charge of the worlds largest piggy bank for research. His crime is he knew exactly what we were dealing with from the beginning and he lied and tried to cover it up. The cover up always screws them in the long run.
    As for what they are doing anywhere else but here who cares. Whatever they’re doing ain’t working. In the meantime all the deaths in the US fall into 2 groups those over 75 with comorbidity and those under 75 with a severe comorbidity. Not one child who contracted the virus under the age of 18 died from it unless they had comorbidity equivalent to Leukemia.
    You need to read more.

  5. This isn’t over.

    Thanks to the anti maskers and anti vaxxers, the Delta variant will have a more productive year than it should in states like Arkansas, Tennessee and the other Confederate anti vaxx states.

    97% of recent US Covid hospitalizations and a similar amount of recent US Covid deaths are now among the unvaccinated, those who chose ignorance and death.


  6. Well said Phantom, all comments. Rand Paul is such a hypocrite. As a qualified medical doctor he’s a ****ing disgrace to his former profession and so obviously on the make politically that only the most bigoted GOPers can’t see it. All the time he’s angling for spots on Fox to advance his political career and he doesn’t give a shit how many fools will follow his anti-vax lies and die as a result.

  7. https://www.al.com/news/2021/07/im-sorry-but-its-too-late-alabama-doctor-on-treating-unvaccinated-dying-covid-patients.html

    The virus has new legs in the US now, aided greatly by the unvaccinated

    Fox News, whose hosts did so much to promote fear of vaccines here, has implemented its own internal “ vaccine passports “ inside their studios in NYC

    Everything that junk media says on this is a lie. They promote death in the name of “ liberty “ but look how they protect themselves….


    1. Oh hang on I want everyone to get the JAB, “But people are not” thats OK we own the media so we will tell them the unvaccinated are spreading, we know they will do are bidding. Just like here in the UK we are having a casedemic WHY because we are testing more people every day than the whole of Europe combined and even more than the USA. The PCR will find whatever you want it to find, and the Latera Flow test will find a can of cola positive.

      You are being conned wake up

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