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In the words of Mayor Butthea – – er, Bloomburg, speaking to Couric:


“If I had to guess 25 cents, this would be exactly that. Homegrown, or maybe a mentally deranged person, or somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something…”


Next time, keep your mouth shut before you start accusing American citizens who disagree with Obamacare of committing acts of terrorism.  Mayor Butthead might need to think twice before shooting his mouth off on national television.

What a jerk.



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60 thoughts on “Way to be so wrong, Mayor Butthead

  1. Monica,

    I read that someone has been arrested and is being held for this crime, has someone been tried and found guilty by a jury of his/her peers? No, I didn’t think so.

    God help anyone arrested of a crime where gun-toting loons are the arbiters of the law.

    Oh, and why don’t you and the other fella have separate monikers Monica?

  2. Henry

    It doesn’t matter what Bloomberg, Monica or you and I say by way of speculation. What matters is that the investigation is ongoing and hopefully the right person will be convicted.

    Getting hung up over someone’s wild specualtion because you don’t agree with their politics is a waste of time and emotion.

  3. Bloomburg is a "RINO" (Republican In Name Onmy) pure and simple.

    He’s as Liberal as they come and adores Obama "The anointed One". Of course Obama strokes Bloomburg’s ego every chance he gets cause it’s always nice to have a person "from the other camp" say things that support the Liberal Democrat agenda!

  4. Speculating that it was someone with a problem about the healthcare thing was beyond idiotic.

    Bloomberg – a self made billionaire – is seriously intelligent, but did not display his intelligence here

  5. what matters is third terrorist attack since Obama has been president two failed because of faulty devices, and 13 were gunned down on a military base.

    No Interogation. No Inteligence

  6. We have had the benefit of some good police work, and we have been very lucky. You cannot count on being lucky forever.

  7. DaithiO

    It doesn’t matter what Bloomberg, Monica or you and I say by way of speculation.

    I’m inclined to agree about you and I and Monica but what the Mayor says in these situations matters. It is likely that he was guided by wishful thinking. He wishes Islamists were less of a terrorist threat because they are actually terrifying but he also wishes that those opposed to Obama’s health policies did include people who were terrorists.

    In other words he was looking for comfort and political advantage at the same time. While we must await justice for the suspect in custody it is clear that the police are not at this stage looking for someone in a Sarah Palin tee-shirt.

    New York is the Islamist terrorists number one target and the Mayor is fantasising about tea party terrorists. He should step aside and let somebody who knows what’s going on take over.

    If Islamists bombed London and Borris Johnson guessed Irish republicans were responsible I’d be saying the same. Wouldn’t you?

  8. And here I was thinking that it was one or more of the millions of unemployed Americans trying to send the message that it just ain’t right to be out partying in Times Square like it’s 1999 when there’s those millions of unemployed Americans. Oh well, if not this time, maybe next time (though I would prefer a destruction of property and not people in the first instance). And, sorry, but I’m one of the employed. However, don’t like see the large number of homeless children. The too big to fail that got bailed out were only too big too fail in the sense that they are the ones providing the cash to the Congress critters, whereas the little ones going hungry, well, if there’s no bread let ’em eat cake. Time that some took back their nation. And what could be more American than revolution? TAL

  9. I’d imagine that the professionals in the NYPD and FBI were not worrying about the Tea Party guys.

    Everyone’s entitled to be a moron once in a while. This was Bloomberg’s turn. He’s normally fairly rational.

  10. This is good news all round if this guy is guilty. The culprit has been caught and it suggests the Pakistan branch of AQ can really come up with nothing better than this obvious idiot. Any street kid in Derry in the 1970’s could have put together and exploded a better bomb than his one.

    To paraphrase DeGaulle, New Yorkers are safe as long as their attackers remain as incompetent as their intelligence services.

  11. Why do you say that the intelligence services are incompetent? Which intelligence services are incompetent?

  12. >>Why do you say that the intelligence services are incompetent? Which intelligence services are incompetent?<<

    Phantom, I’m assuming this guy was in cahoots with terrorist organisations in Pakistan, which now seems to be the case.

    I’m also assuming there are American intelligence agencies whose mission is to keep tabs on these organisations and their attempts to infiltrate the US and carry out attacks there.

  13. The fact that intelligence services don’t catch every bad guy every single time does not mean that they are incompetent in any way.

    There will be future, successful terrorist incidents in the world. Does this mean that the police / FBI / CIA / Mi5 / Russian intel etc are " incompetent " in any way?


  14. I have heard it said that for every one ‘successful attack’ there are many foiled/abandoned etc.

    I wonder if that is true?

  15. Hard to say

    Esp as some of the successful work of the CIA and other covert agencies will be kept secret.

  16. The Mayor made a stupid comment. He’s actually quite bright and usually displays much more sense. New York Police Commissioner Kelly corrected him quite quickly and wisely.

  17. It was a stupid comment, from a very smart man, but is it a sign of the times that are in it in America?

  18. Nah.

    He fell prey to moral equivalence

    Tea party people are bad because some of them carry stupid signs


    Tea Party = Al Queda

    Its moronic but Bloomberg has such a good record for so long that we should give him a pass

  19. Whilst everyone is assuming*, I reckon it was Mossad. In fact yes I’m convinced, it was Mossad and the guy they’ve arrested had an Australian passport. They’ll cunningly make everyone hate muslims and the Americans will reward Israel with even more yummy nuclear weapons. Genius!

    * It’s surely wrong to make assumptions, a man is presumed innocent until proven guilty, except in the world of ATW.

  20. Phantom,

    That would go against the grain with Bloomberg. He is a very smart man.

    However, I agree the comment was misguided and ill-chosen.

  21. What is a very good thing is that most all of the countries – even those like China and Russia with whom we don’t see eye to eye on all things – all of them cooperate very well on terrorism matters

    – –
    Yes, Bloomberg has a superior intelligence, way higher than the normal bear. Which is why it is so completely unusual to see him misspeak this way

  22. Daithio – The presumption of innocence is a legal right of the accused at trial. It is not a requirement for us nonjurors. We don’t have to suspend our observation of the obvious.

  23. >>It’s surely wrong to make assumptions, a man is presumed innocent until proven guilty,<<

    Oh come on, Daithi, mo bhuchaill, we aren’t in a court of law; this is a political commentary blog. If we were to hold you to that you wouldnt be able to say a thing.

    Phantom, the "incompetent" bit was really only for the sake of the DeGaulle paraphrase.

    Ironically, in a way maybe the clear incompetence of this guy helped him evade discovery. He went in person to pick up the car, instead of getting someone else to do it (which could in turn have compromised his secrecy), then patched together a mix of second rate materials, left the car with the warning lights flashing etc.

    But again, if it was a conspiracy, it’s reassuring that they’re reduced to employing such goons to do their jobs

  24. Liberal PC rules dictate that Bloomberg can’t possibly assume that a bomb was set by a violent islamic extremist.

    But, why he didn’t jump to the conclusion that the bomb was set by an "anarchist?"

    Left-wing "anarchists" wander around the world joining various marches, starting riots and wrecking havoc and yet they seem to get a total pass from both the media and, evidently, our politicians.

    Tea Party people* clean up their litter and politely hold signs expressing their political views and suddenly Bloomberg thinks they’re setting off bombs?

    (*Those who ‘don’t like the healthcare bill" are Tea Party people)

  25. Some of these guys are astonishingly stupid

    Like the guy who left the truck bomb in the WTC in 2003, then went back to Ryder Truck Rental to get his security deposit back

  26. I think Bloomberg is astonishingly stupid for "guessing" that the person who set the bomb was an anti-ObamaCare person.

  27. We live in dangerous times when honest disagreement is demonized and repeatedly, and falsely, accused of illegal and anti-social acts.

    The Tea Party has been falsely charged with racism, accused of "mob-like" behavior – thanks to Bloomberg, conflated with radical extremists who try to set off bombs.

    The present day Left-wing mentality in America sucks.

  28. Has the Congressional Black Caucus apologized to the Tea Party for lying about racial epithets that never existed?

    Will Mayor Bloomberg apologize for "guessing" that those who object to the ObamaCare Bill are now setting off bombs in NYC?

    Is the Left ever held accountable? Have they no shame? Has the MSM no shame, or professional standards left?

  29. The Phantom: "Can Troll account for his whereabouts over the past few nights?"

    Good point, I heard that the man they were seeking was a middle-aged white man with more than a passing resemblence to one of the Village People.

    Did he have a holiday in Dubai scheduled?

    The plot thickens…

  30. Hang on, let’s back the bus up here.

    Bloomberg isn’t guilty of saying something daft or unthinking, this is a disgusting slur against decent Americans.

    Someone tried to commit mass murder in America and, without any basis for suspicion, he accuses a group of people who has been absolutely peaceful. Despite the record of islamic attacks against the US and Americans, he accused Americans marked by their decency and patriotism.

    And what an instructive slur. How comfortable Bloomberg feels in casually flinging about disgusting slurs against a "type" of American. He wouldn’t dream of treating many types in this way, yet the kind of American who has the temerity to stand and argue against government is ripe for the most wicked and baseless accusations.

    Yes, how very instructive that in the eyes of a prominent politician, part of the political machine which routinely arranges its affairs against Americans and foreigners with violence, to have the impertinence to argue against your government is to be the type to commit mass murder.

    If he had the slightest decency he’d apologise and resign.

  31. Bloomberg is so stupid.

    If the Tea Party wanted to set off a bomb they would attack a federal building, just like Timothy McVeigh did.

  32. "I’m also assuming there are American intelligence agencies whose mission is to keep tabs on these organisations and their attempts to infiltrate the US and carry out attacks there."

    I don’t think Islamic terror is the Obama Admin. priority. The Obama Admin. seem pretty focused on "Chistian militias" and dumbing down the definition of possible terror attacks. I think Obama actually believes that there is more danger in the Tea Party than in radical islam. His perceptions are probably the result of 20 years at Reverend Wright’s church.

    (Thanks to Obama, official language for terror attacks is now "Manmade disaster.")

  33. Patty

    Anytime you start making sense you ruin it by something off the wall ignorant

    Under Obama, the fight against Islamic terror has not been scaled back in any area, and in some ways has been far more aggressive. Do a bit of research on the drone attacks against AQ in Pakistan, etc.

    Tell me where the fight against Islamic terrorism has been scaled back or de emphasized

    Quit talking nonsense. You’re hurting whatever cause it is you think you’re helping

  34. I think Obama actually believes that there is more danger in the Tea Party than in radical islam.

    If and when Obama orders a drone attack on a Tea Party rally, you will most definitely have a point.

  35. Phantom: I always know when I’m making a valid point when you start saying I post "nonsense." It would behoove you to argue issues rather than make ad hominem attacks.

    Can you show me where Obama has made Islamic terror a priority? Please do if you can. I can show evidence that Obama has deprioritized Islamic terror:

    1. Janet Napolitano has changed the acceptable official language of "terrorism" to "man made disaster" — see link provided in my comment above.

    2. Obama recently focused his attention on Christian Militias, making arrests for talking terror rather than doing terror, meanwhile ignoring the Fort Hood shooter, and the Christmas bomber until the last possible moment.

    Rather than claim that I’m stupid etc. why not offer up some contrary evidence? It’s far more interesting.

  36. Something tells me this is going to be one of those threads ….:)

    (By the way, as you Yanks dont read the Irish or UK threads much, may I ask here if the UK election has any interest at all for Americans? Are they even aware of it?
    Answer if you will on some UK election thread. Thks)

  37. Read and be educated, oh she of the thousand slogans.

    increase in troop strength in Afghanistan
    pushing the Pakistan govt to bring the fight to Waziristan

    Fish in a barrel, you are

  38. Noel

    I am very interested and have watched BBC America and read NY Times every day on it.

    Its not a huge matter of conversation generally , but a lot of those in my circle are interested and do discuss it.

  39. No, it’s not, Noel — I have to go out and have already spent too much time here.

    I was able to watch the UK debate on cable last night — the one where Clegg "won" — ancient history by now for those of you who live in the EU- but very interesting for me to put actual faces/voices to the names. I was shocked at how persuasive Gordon Brown was (I expected him to drool and grunt after reading certain blog posts).

    I don’t comment on the upcoming election because I don’t think I know enough about it to offer anything perceptive, worth reading. Although I have my fingers crossed for DV’s good electoral fortune – and I am waiting for results like everyone else.

  40. "President Obama has caught more Taliban Leaders in 1 month than Bush/Cheney did in 6 years "


  41. Patty does a gross disservice to any conservative or Republican or libertarian cause she seeks to represent.

    By raising stupid or disingenuous or endless anti Obama arguments every damned time, she is doing the devils work. I suspect she is on Rahm Emanuel’s payroll.

  42. But Patty, not knowing enough about something has never stopped you from commenting on American politics.

    Noel – There is some interest in the UK election, but it doesn’t have the same impact here that our Yank elections have over in the UK.

  43. I have often wondered if this shrill act from the tea baggers is actually working in Obama’s favour? By the time the actual election rolls around most will be so tired of the tea baggers that they will just be tuned out by the average voter. People will only sustain so much whining before they tune it out

  44. Pinky, re: your 4:53 — That is a very interesting thing you write. And it actually addresses the issue I raise as to Obama’s priorities, and fighting terrorism – – I don’t have time to discuss – but I wish I did.

    Phantom: I do a gross disservice to "causes?" This just makes me laugh. I’m sorry. You take your opinions too seriously, my friend.

    I’m not marching in a parade here at ATW. I just write my point-of-view as I happen to see it – I haven’t signed onto any "cause" – no hopey/changey for me. I’m not much of a joiner. I ride the open range. Party of one person. Seeking truth under any rock, any banner, where ever it might be hiding. 🙂

    Now I am late.

  45. The NY Times is pretty much the best paper here for international news

    On yesterday’s ( big ) front page, there is only a slight mention of the British election

    On today’s front page, there is zero mention of it

    There is good coverage inside the paper, but this unfortunately indicates only so much interest

  46. Your number one cause is the " Obama is Lucifer " movement.

    Same stuff every day

  47. Phantom –

    Ok, so some do lay it on a touch thick where it comes to Obama. Maybe it comes with being omnipotent.

    However your Mayor, your very own Mayor, had something of a Lucifer moment when his gut instinct told him it was his fellow Americans who attempted the diabolical act of blowing apart as many people as possible in Times Square.

    Of course Obama can be criticised, yet no-one ever accused him or his type of being likely to cause mass murder against Americans and Bloomberg thinks his obviously decent compatriots are not only capable, but the probable perpetrators.

    And what do we get in response? "Cripes, that was a bit off, but he’s a very intelligent man."

    Well screw that.

  48. Pete – Actually I thought you were hinting at a domestic loner plot previously, perhaps you should run for Mayor. In any event we aren’t throwing out the baby with the bath water over one thoughtless comment.

  49. Here is Pete’s earlier comment.

    There’s a whiff about this but I’m not picking up the stink of Al Q.

    Whoever’s responsible, it was clearly an amateur job. Even if a muslim did it, that does not necessarily equate to Al Qaeda, which I suspect would go for something far more spectacular if it targeted New York.

    I’d start looking for a student with no friends.

    Sunday, May 2, 2010 at 06:37PM | Pete Moore

  50. It remains possible that the honorable gentleman Faisal Shahzad may also dislike the heath care thing

  51. Gentlemen –

    You may assume that islam is the motivation for the attempted attack, I’ll join you if the facts of the case justify the view.

    We may yet find that Abdul Kaboom had other reasons.

    Even if it’s a jihadi attack, we’ll see if he acted with others or alone. I suspect the latter.

  52. Wasn’t a Spanish government brought down because it rush to judgement and blamed ETA of an Islamicist bomb?

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