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The Biden Administration is moving full bore with it’s attack on the American People.

The $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Bill is just the start, as stated before less than 20% of that Bill is for Bridges and Roads the rest goes to funding the Groundwork Programs for the Biden Bankrupt America Bill, excuse me the Build Back Better Bill… Which is really the Sanders/AOC Communism/Green New Deal which as President Biden say’s is the Fundamentally Change America Bill. All of them can be lumped together under one title The Grab Your Ankles Bills.

Passing the first piece of this menagerie the Democrats and the 30 Republicans Rino’s that voted with them in the House and Senate claim that by doing so it defeats, or un-couple’s the Infrastructure Bill from the BBB. The claim is this makes it harder for the BBB to be passed and gives the people needed repairs for our roads and bridges, it does not, it does just the opposite. It lays down the rails for their New Communist Manifesto Train actually making it easier to pass the rest of their “Programs” piecemeal over the next 3 years.

There is an entire year until the Midterms. That’s an entire year of a Senate that is Tied, and a 5 Representative Majority in the House. This is the smallest majority held by a party since 1890. Yet according to the Democrats, and the MSM this gives President Biden and the Democrats a what? What else, but a MANDATE to completely change the American System.

The First thing was to End Americas Energy Independence, a goal that we as a nation have strived for since the Gas Rationing of the 70s. We had finally achieved that goal over the previous 4yrs actually replacing OPEC as being the Worlds Oil Reserve. On Presidents Biden’s first day he ended 50yrs worth of work toward Energy Independence placing our fate back into the hands of OPEC while putting millions of Americans out of work with a stroke of his pen.

The Destruction that the Democrats caused to our economy with their year long Lockdown is showing it’s damage. The collapse of the Supply Chain. Rather than addressing the problem which is a lack of personnel problem in the Supply Chain by easing regulations to correct it, they have exasperated it by forcing millions out of work and millions more to refuse to come back to work by forcing an ILLEGAL MANDATE onto the workforce to take a Vaccine against their will.

The Democrats spent 4yrs and 100s of Millions of dollars creating what has now been totally proven to be a Lie that Donald Trump committed the fake crime of “Collusion” with the Russians. They Destroyed the careers and lives of as many people as they could that worked for or supported Donald Trump, even as I write now they hold over 400 people in Biden’s Gulag without bail for Trespassing on Capital Grounds while calling them “Insurrectionists”.

They have thrown the Rule of Law away and are using the NSA/CIA/DOJ/FBI as weapons against the American People over Speech and Thought, and if you speak out against them in anyway if they can’t find an angle to prosecute they persecute you with the MSM and Cancel Culture.

This is not the rant of just an angry Trump supporter, these are the simple observations of a man that was raised to believe in the System. To TRUST our Government. To have faith in the blindness of Justice, and that right and wrong matter.

But we have a President who just told Business to IGNORE the Rulings of a Court because it ordered a stay on his MANDATE, and this is not his first FU to the Rule of Law. He ignored the Supreme Courts Ruling on Evictions earlier this year. The man has only been President for 10 months and he has already publicly said take the Law and shove it, you will do as he says.

The Economy is collapsing, it is being done so by design. They are going to fundamentally transform the United States from an Oil based Capitalist Society where the power rests with the people into a Progressive/Socialist/Communist Society where the power is held by less than 1000 “Elected” Officials.

That is their Plan, and they plan for it to be locked into place over the next 3 years.

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