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Good grief.

An illegal immigrant has been sent to jail and told he must serve his sentence in Britain after he was caught trying to leave the UK and go home to look after his mother.

Albi Shabanaj was stopped by border guards as he tried to exit the country through the Channel Tunnel on his way back to Albania.

The 24-year-old was found to have fake Greek identification papers which he had bought during time working in the EU before sneaking into the UK.

So he gets in without any ID, but the jig is up when he’s checked on he way out. Now he’s banged up for a year. Government is truly insane. Here’s an idea: maybe these “border” guards should turn around and check the ones they seem to wave through without a glance. Here’s another thought: he’ll never leave. Once he’s out of chokey the parasite lawyers will sign him up for a human rights challenge, and we know how they go.
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