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 Utah pensioner and Orem City resident Betty Perry, 70, wondered why the police car stopped outside her home, but was not a little surprised when the cop commenced upbraiding her for having a “Sadly neglected and dying lawn”, and stated that she was in contravention of local regulations and city ordinances. He required her to state her name and so identify herself but the pensioner attempted to turn away in order to call her son to help sort things out.

The cop then hit her across the face with his handcuffs, claiming that the elderly lady tried to resist arrest. She denied resisting arrest, and was taken to hospital for treatment before being briefly detained; but was released very soon afterwards as the cops decided they could use other means of identification.

My point in posting this quirky story, although in truth it was possibly not so quirky for the pensioner concerned, was to highlight the truth that this could never happen in this United Kingdom. I mean, there’s far too much rain to allow a lawn to die out, and you’d just never see a policeman around anyway, on foot, moped, bike, three-wheeler or car! In Britain, this type of task is strictly reserved for the probability of some nosey-parker Council scumbag coming sloping around saying “that grass isn’t cut to a uniform height,” or “You are not holding the handlebars in the approved manner”, or some other stupid crass and pig-ignorant statement which would only illuminate that he (or she) has the power, and they aren’t afraid to use it!

The same power which they are at present using as a blunt instrument to forcibly separate children from parents who are “suspected” of abuse. These kids are then the subject of a Secret Court hearing, whose deliberations cannot be revealed upon pain of imprisonment, and those same “Abused” kids are the the subject of a ‘quickie’ adoption, from which the parents never can break free, as the children are then stated to be “Settled”.

Many Council Social Workers adopt the same procedures in order to protect, not the unfortunate children but themselves; the scum, as another writer once remarked, always floats to the top!

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3 thoughts on “we decide who is able!

  1. I dont think its a quirky story – it was abusive and they have no right to tell her how to manage her garden.

    Somewhat different to use this story to draw an analogy with council workers who are damned if they do and damned if they dont when it comes to child protection and abuse.

  2. The cop who handcuffed her and took her in has been suspended. The police went way over the top on this one and the police commissioner has said so himself. The cop – also – did not hit her with the handcuffs. The story I read, which quoted from the victim, said that she tripped going up her front step and cut her leg and face in the process.

    As for having no right to manage her yard – even we here in the po’ section have to observe rules. We cannot allow our grass to grow above knee height and also cannot have junk cars and stuff on our property. (not that one would FIT on my teensy property…) However – the police do not come to haul us away. We get a warning from the local government and if a person doesn’t take care of business then a private contractor comes to do the work and charges, like, double the going rate.

    I would think that the local government that has been put in charge by the citizens where this lady lives would be grateful that she’s not wasting water. Water is an ungodly expensive commodity in short supply round about those parts. Where my family lives in CO – they are only allowed to water their lawn twice a week. The neighbors report each other for sneaking watering at night on their non-watering days all the time.

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