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Bell is a city in Southern California with only 40,000 residents. It’s a poor city; 17%  live in poverty.  WIthin this context, $50,000 would be a very  generous management salary.


So, within this context,  Bell City Manager, Robert Rizzo paid himself $787,637 annually, with  $600,000 in pension benefits after retirement. Excessive self-enrichment was not isolated to  Mr. Rizzo; four of the five members of the Bell City Council made around $100,000 in annual salary before their forced resignation last week.


Bell City residents are demonstrating in the street now demanding the resignation of all  city officials.  The interesting thing for me is that this demonstration has  all the ear-marks of the Tea Party movement on a local level.


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2 thoughts on ““We Have a Very Predatory Government.”

  1. Of course surely this is a defeat for the anti-centralised Government crowd. Bell is a Chartered City, it sets its own rules and isn’t run by the rules of the State of California.

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