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So the first “leading British Politician” to ooze his way across the carpets at 1600 Pennyslylvania Avenue was our own sleazeball champion, Tony Blair. Are we astonished? Not really, if the ‘old master’ can give any hints on how to really get away with lies, subterfuge and downright hypocrisy, our friend Hussein Obama can use all that he can get.

Ready for Change? 


All depends what is encompassed by change, who gets hit or hurt, and who suffers from the onslaught of a Black Power-oriented politician who’s just sat down on the power seat. If his wife is anything to go by, with her Black Power salute at the ready, we are only just getting started to see the change that she envisages!



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11 thoughts on “we know you by your friends

  1. Holy Moly Mike,

    What should we do? The First Lady of the United States, Michele Obama, has a FIST!!

  2. Hey Mike,

    Do people like you have such miserable empty lives that you can only look for the bad in others? You’re a sad rotten apple.

  3. You’re absolutely right Mike! This snap-shot astutely interpreted by you proves it!! are you forming a group, party or some sort of organization I can join? I too am a paranoid loser. Let’s get together and do something big! You douchebag.

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