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The sheep like mindset of people here is beyond parody. At a time of severe economic recession, the Stormont diktat is to raise taxes on people…and hit the poorest hardest.  But hey, they are saving the environment that makes it ok – on and mimicking the Republic, equally important for the Nationalists encamped at Stormont.

THE 5p bag tax comes into force in Northern Ireland stores on Monday, and while some shoppers see it as an inconvenience – and others as “another stealth tax” – most agree that something must be done to clear the Province of the scourge of the unsightly litter caused by 160 million bags every year. In a survey of shops in Portadown, the attitude was: “It’s a bit of a nuisance, but we can live with it, and it has to be said that plastic bags cause untold damage to the environment and are a terrible eyesore everywhere.The levy is 5p per bag, rising to 10p after the first year..”

Let’s leave aside unscientific asinine surveys and just admit that this leftwing social engineering will hit everybody, cost us all extra £££, and at a time when people have less cash than ever before.

The puerile comparisons with what happened in the Irish Republic conveniently ignore the pesky detail that a similar tax was introduced FIVE YEARS before the recession, in boomtime days. Is anyone seriously suggesting that such a consumer tax would be introduced NOW by an Irish Government? The clowns at Stormont are using their powers to punish, it is all they can do. To introduce such a punitive tax in good times when people can perhaps at least afford it is one thing, but here in Northern Ireland we have a VERY stretched economy with record levels of unemployment. Who in their RIGHT mind would decide this is the moment to take cash from consumers?

As for the issue of rubbish, I also find plastic bags lying around abhorrent. I live in the countryside and each morning, on the strip of grass outside my house and parallel to the main road, I have to remove plastic bottles, plastic fast food containers, crisp bags, and other unsavoury things thrown out of cars by the crass unwashed who just don’t care about any form of self responsibility. Will the Minister now move against all these things? What next to BAN, Mr Attwood?

You cannot ban the feckless and inconsiderate. I wish you could. However we could make sure that those who litter PAY for their crimes – but why make the rest of the population also pick up the bill??

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9 thoughts on “NANNY KNOWS BEST…

  1. “I live in the countryside and each morning, on the strip of grass outside my house and parallel to the main road, I have to remove plastic bottles, plastic fast food containers, crisp bags, and other unsavoury things thrown out of cars by the crass unwashed who just don’t care about any form of self responsibility.”

    This country’s covered in litter. Most of it is the diet of the welfare classes – sweet wrappers, crisp packets, fast food containers and fizzy drink cans – and a 5p tax on carrier bags won’t do a thing about it.

    I do a weekly, one man, grouchy litter patrol around my home. It’s not too since I also kick anyone up the arse who I catch dropping litter. There was one lout (goodness knows who allowed that family to live in a respectable area like this) who left a trail of shit like Pig-Pen from Charlie Brown wherever he went. Unloading a bin bag full of his litter on his father’s lawn soon put a stop to that.

    There are three ways that litter will be stopped:

    1) Abolish the welfare state which funds all the crap that the lower orders drop everywhere.

    2) Private ownership of public spaces.

    3) A public flogging for anyone caught littering.

  2. I walk for about half a mile along a main A road each day to the newspaper shop, and the sides of the road are covered in litter. But it is rarely plastic bags, more often, as you say, the litter is cans, plastic bottles, fish & chip wrapping paper, KFC boxes, coffee cups and even on occasions, baby’s disposable nappies. A workman clears the roadsides every week or so; when he has finished there are full black plastic bags about every hundred yards along the verge awaiting collection. But what a waste of council-tax payers’ money.

  3. Bag tax isn’t nannyism. Soda and drug wars – which ban things, not just tax them – is nannyism. Don’t be a nanny.


  4. The experience in the Republic was that plastic bag use dropped by over 75% after the tax was introduced. Wales has recently done the same thing, also 5p.

  5. They’ve been charging for plastic bags over here for about ten years now. The levy isn’t nannyism, you have the choice either to purchase a plastic bag or not. The only thing that the charge does is force lazy people to re-use plastic bags.

    In terms ot the wider problem of litter I think there needs to be a culture change. IMO the Irish & British are awful when it comes to littering.

  6. Litter is a problem here too. I’ve gotten in people’s faces when I’ve seen them litter.

    It’s so completely unnecessary, and wrong to do.

    Private ownership of space won’t stop littering. Why would that be any factor?

    Japan has as much public spaces as we do, and they generally do not litter at all. They have a superior culture in some ways.

  7. I have visited most countries in Europe. None of them have anything like the litter problem that we have.

  8. Litter is the clasic indication of an ignorant, couldn’t care less, usually poor neighbourhood.

    Local taxes are now so high that littering is probably seen as some perverse way of retaliation against local government or perhaps some are so imbued with ‘Nannyism’ that they also expect to have their mess cleared up for them.

    To get off the ferry at Dover and drive up the motorway to London just has to be the starkest reminder to returning holidaymakes that they are ‘back in Blighty’. So much litter, – it just has to be England.

    Whatever the reason it is only the most stupid of species that literally ‘craps on their own doorstep’, – need I say more?

  9. The plastic bag levy in the Republic was a common sense measure and a massive success in reducing litter and waste.

    Simple and effective.

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