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Over here in the U.S. yesterday all attention was focused on one thing the Election.  Yesterday however was a very important day in History.  It was the 35th Anniversary of the Start of the current Islamic War on the Great Satan.

TEHRAN, Iran – Thousands of Iranians chanted “Down with America” at a major anti-U.S. rally on Tuesday marking the anniversary of the 1979 takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, just days ahead of a key meeting between the two nations’ top diplomats over Iran’s controversial nuclear program. Many in the crowd chanted “Death to Israel” and “Death to Britain,” neither of which has an embassy here. Several protesters burned the American, Israeli and the British flag.

One of the benefits of this election is NO Treaty will be reached with Iran.  One of the U.S.s head loons tweeted out yesterday that the “Neocons” will now put troops on the ground in Syria and Iraq. I guess Rupaul forgot about Iran. Well Rue may be nuts, but sending troops back to Iraq is inevitable. It won’t happen in the next two years unless IZZY actually strikes inside the U.S.

Hopefully though in the next few years we will go and fix what Obama has created with IZZY. When we do it would be nice to just keep going and settle the Iranian Problem. The war does not end until Iran is pacified. They are the Head of the Snake.

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45 thoughts on “We must remember the important dates

  1. Oh, and Ron Paul of course counselled against the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

    Having seen the undeniable catastrophe which the neocons have inflicted on Iraq, having seen the hundreds of thousands od dead, the tidal wave of blood, the pandora’s box of sectarian war unleashed by that invasion and the regional instability which allowed ISIS and others to to emerge across Iraq and Syria, you have to be prize headbanger to cling to the neocon’s utterly discredited philosophy.

    A very long period of silence from them all would be welcome.

  2. it would be nice to just keep going and settle the Iranian Problem

    The war-lust is insatiable.

  3. the shah was Iranian not American what he did he did whether we and the British paid him for it not is irrelevant. If anything the Brits put the Shah in power over his father.

    The war of Terror in it’s modern form began Nov 4 1979. You can try to blame it 1000 things hell why not go back to Sparta.

    Facts are facts the Iranians declared a holy war on the US on that Sunday. We have yet to respond.

  4. While lone wolf terrorism can’t be ruled out entirely, ISIS won’t strike in the US. So far they’ve not managed to take the town of Kobane which is about half an hour’s drive from the Syrian town considered their headquarters despite trying for eighteen months. ISIS are evil yet pathetic against anyone who fights back.

  5. Tehran declared holy war on the US? They’re taking their time acting on it.

    Sorry Troll, your silly GOP fan sites don’t mention things like the CIA/MI6 putsch of 1953, but Iranians know all about it. They also know all about the blood-soaked reign of the West’s puppet, until he was ousted.

    These are quite pertinent and relevant facts.

  6. Ross that’s what was said about a bunch of loons in a cave in Afghanistan also.

    or are you of the loon mindset that we attacked ourselves on 9/11?

  7. By the way, I might be disappearing for a while. I have mega IT problems (must be a GCHQ Trojan thingy) and no time to sort it out.

  8. Hang on, wasn’t it the deadly Khorasan group which were about to attack the US (before disappearing entirely from the news)?

  9. Pete you want a link to an IZZY video about how they are erasing Sykes-Picot? Time in that region of the world is not measured the same as we in the west.

  10. do you really want me to answer that?

    I can answer two ways…. the long way and the simple way 😉

  11. Troll

    I guess your short answer is “Bomb the bastards” and the long one is “Bomb the fanatical anti-American anti-Semitic jihadist Muslim bastards ” 😉

  12. short answer: “Bomb the fanatical anti-American anti-Semitic jihadist Muslim bastards ” 😉

    Long answer: reestablish our strength in the area, create a presence in the ME equivalent to what was in Germany during the cold war, then follow the playbook. Negotiate from a position of credible non-nuclear strength. When things act up respond with that strength by a factor of 10 to whatever event occurs.

    Only use force as a response to force, but when used it must be swift and extreme. Play nice, do business, or die.

    The other key factor is the exploitation of our own energy resources. We have enough to shut down all exports from the ME IF we develop it. It is a crucial long term piece of the puzzle.

  13. We have enough to shut down all exports from the ME IF we develop it.

    Completely unrealistic and not desirable at all.

  14. Completely unrealistic and not desirable at all.

    Why not? America became a world power because of our cheap oil. We now have the ability to not just restart our own industrial base economically but an excess to float others.

    The Progressives shut down our industry and spread it around the world, they made us reliant on foreign sources for everything. We stand at the threshold of reversing that. The only thing in the way are people like you.

  15. Paul why would I want to go anywhere else?

    but yes I have been outside North America. I’ve been to military bases all over the globe. 🙂

  16. China buys oil from the Middle East and so does Japan and Korea.

    While Japan and Korea will welcome any additional source of supply from a stable and friendly nation, they won’t want to have the US as the only option, apart from Russia.

    China and Russia would be vehemently opposed to the US shutting down oil production in the ME.

    The Progressives shut down our industry and spread it around the world, they made us reliant on foreign sources for everything

    Another major error. Businessmen moved industry to low wage countries, since they preferred to pay very low wages to Asians. That is the only reason.

  17. Let me know how many Americans would be willing to assemble Ipads all day in a factory.

    Or who would be as competent and hard working as the Chinese are at it.

  18. no with the RAF…..

    Actually I’ve been to the Philippines, Japan, Germany, and several places in South America.

    Never left the plane… why would I want to?

  19. Never left the plane… why would I want to?

    So, while you’ve technically traveled you’ve never actually traveled ?

  20. A number of the US servicemen overseas are like that.

    Stationed in say Germany or Italy they’d stay on the base pretty much all the time and complain about being so far away from ” the world ”

    I didn’t exactly share that point of view.

  21. Phantom you have it partly right.

    Businessmen moved industry to low wage countries to keep costs inline due to abuse of Unions.

    First things first I’m not saying shutdown oil from the ME, what I’m saying is if events cause such a shutdown we could float our friends. Right now there is no balance.

    If the chinese or any other nation wants to help prevent a shutdown from the ME they need to use their buying power to influence them to behave. Economics has always been a very powerful weapon.

    As for assembly industry it is you who loves the power of unions, yet you’re willing and wanting to exploit slave labor of other nations. Shame on you.

    Tell me how long before the revolution that took place here in the 20s and 30s hits China and other slave labor nations? That cheap labor will not stay cheap. As they acquire wealth the same roads that our workforce went through will happen in those places also. It’s inevitable.

  22. To answer your question Paul other than from the inside of a military plane NO I have never left North America.

    I would enjoy going to see Ireland, England, Egypt. I probably never will be able to.

    My dream vacation is one of those small cruise ships down the Nile. Then comes England and Ireland.

  23. I don’t like American unions. I’ve written about this at length here,including how German unions are smart and US unions are morons

    But even low wage non union workers in the US make more money than someone poor individual in Mumbai or Hanoi or Ceylon

    Unlimited free trade means that wages are generally more harmonized across the free trade area.

    This is what you wanted. Welcome to Mumbai.

  24. Why have you never traveled Troll?

    For someone who’s never traveled you are very assured in your opinions of how things outside the US are.

  25. no that’s where you have it wrong.

    Eventually it will be to Mumbai and other places welcome to the U.S.

    A rising tide lifts all ships. As nation engage more and more in manufacturing the quality of life will rise. As the money pours in comfort follows. The true equalizer and peace maker of the human race is industry. No nation can stand on the necks of their population if they are involved in free commerce.

    It will happen, it will be bloody in some places as poor populations gain in wealth. The log term result will be prosperity for all.

    It’s happening in Russia, it is starting in China. It’s the inevitable evolution, it can’t be stopped,

    Unless of course we blow ourselves up.

  26. Manufacturing is by itself no panacea, because modern factories tend to be very highly automated, with very few workers compared with the past.

    If all outsourced manufacturing returned to the US – every bit of it – there would be fewer manufacturing jobs than at the peak. Because of computers and robots.

    A few years ago, I toured a steel mill in Ontario. Hardly anyone there.

    Years before that, I went to a steel fabrication plant in York Pa. All robots doing the cutting and moving around.

    A return of manufacturing is welcome but is not ” the answer “.

  27. I didn’t make the time to travel outside of my continent. To busy and to much to do here. I spent my money on bass boats, motorcycles, and guns. Then children.

    As for my view of things outside the country…. simple I’m not sure. I read, I study, I love politics and history world wide.

    I ask you other than your own country how well do you know any other? You have an advantage that we don’t. How many nations can you get to in a day or twos travel? (not by air) in say a car? After of course you get off your Islands.

    It takes a day to travel just across my state. I can be in NJ, De, NY, MD, Va, WVa, in a few hours, but if I go west it takes a week minimum to reach Ca.

    My view is arrogant and simple. I apply American ethics and morality to all people no matter their country. Right and Wrong don’t change with borders.

  28. Get rid of the boat, the donor-cycle, and the guns.

    Spend the proceeds on something of greater value, travel.

  29. automation? then your ipad example is false, or don’t you see that?

    Industry is not just steel, cars, and textiles. Yet all those industries are once again becoming economical to do here once again, you are right they will never employ what they did or will they? I’ll get back to that.

    You neglect new products, new inventions, new THINGS. Look around you what exists now that was a product 70-80yrs ago?

    Also as manufacturing grows in China, Malaysia etc etc do you believe those people won’t want THINGS? If everyone is earning enough of a wage to have extra income you don’t believe the U.S. would once again be able to supply Steel, Cars and other products for these people enjoy?

    You underestimate the power of prosperity.

  30. No it is not a false example

    I never said that there are no jobs in manufacturing. I said that there are much fewer of them than before to do a similar thing. A trend that is rapidly accelerating.

    Besides in a race to the bottom for wages, many of the workers who make things can’t afford to buy what they make. Even the US, this is true in Wal Mart, etc.

  31. I got rid of my Harley’s a few years ago.(figured I tempted fate long enough) I’ll never give up my boat or guns.

    I shoot competitively once a week, and my boat…. shit there is no greater form of relaxation than Bass Fishing, especially on a hot summer night.

  32. Phantom why are Unions a dieing thing here in the US? Do you know what the largest Union is?

    It is not a race to the bottom for wages. Labor as a cost for the majority in our country has reached an equilibrium between the work and the pay. There are no sweatshop jobs. People get paid a fair wage or they move to another job… when the economy is working and 1 in 5 is not on welfare.

    10yrs ago we were at an honest 5% unemployment not counted the fake way it’s counted today.

    All nations will eventually reach that plateau, some quicker than others. As the cost of energy comes back down the businesses will grow back up.

    What our nation is suffering from is false restraint. The raw materials are here, the labor is here, the intellect is here, it just needs to be released. The main break on the economy of our nation is the cost of fuel. That is being addressed. It will take ten years but we are at the beginning of a boom.

    You have a very pessimistic view.

  33. There absolutely are sweatshop jobs.

    Horrible jobs picking crops, working in slaughterhouses, some restaurant work, etc

    They’re still with us big time.

  34. those aren’t sweatshop jobs. The first one is migrant work (that’s what migrants are for) and it gives them opportunity that they don’t have in Mexico.

    A Slaughterhouse job pays a damn good wage, go ask your butcher, and restaurant work…lol I won’t even get into what a good bar tender makes but Harvey Keitel described a waitress job better than anyone right here

    there are low paying jobs phantom they ain’t sweatshops. You expose yourself as an elitist.

  35. And for how many years have the Iranians been developing nuclear weapons?


    Iran intensified its drive toward nuclear weapons in the 1980s during the Iran-Iraq War, following reports of an Iraqi clandestine nuclear program.

    That makes about 30 years that Iran has had a nuclear weapons program – and they still haven’t built them. Having met and worked with Iranian engineers, fully trained in Iran, and seen clearly that they are representative of a competent people, the only conclusion I can reach is that if Iran wanted nuclear weapons, it would have them.

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