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As the world is crumbling under the economic despair caused by Covid and the American governments shutting off of our Oil/LNG market’s, there have been other very dangerous events taking place in the World. The War in Ukraine is one, and has held the worlds focus greater than the escalating economic strain has. Both however have allowed an even greater threat to the world to go unnoticed in all but a few select nations. That is the fact that Iran now has enough Uranium to make Bombs. According to the the U.N..


As the rest of the world ignores this threat one nation is in the process of of rebuilding it’s Government to respond directly to the Iranian threat. Israel once again is about to be marshaled by their Churchill….. Bibi Netanyahu.

The Americans under the Obama Administration and doubly so under Biden have betrayed the World. Both Administrations have jumped through hoops to not only appease Iran, but enable it at every level. While the Biden Administration and the World Kvetches over Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine, the same Biden Administration is using RUSSIA as it’s proxy in it’s negotiations to WELCOME the Iranians into the Nuclear Weapons Club.

To all of us in the world a nuclear armed Iran is a threat, but to Israel it is a death sentence, one they take quite seriously. Iran has preached for decades “DEATH to America, DEATH to Israel”. Now where the Democrats of the U.S. don’t take these threats seriously, the Jews in Israel do. That’s the difference between people who have truly been persecuted, and those who FEEL persecuted if you call them by the wrong pronoun.

It is this threat that is the underlying factor bringing in the support for Bibi. The Opposition and even his own party have many points of contention against Mr. Netanyahu. The Government that just dissolved yesterday in Israel was formed for the sole purpose of removing him from power. The underlying threat of Iran has caused it’s collapse.

Even before the Knesset took its first preliminary vote Wednesday to disperse, Netanyahu, also known as “Bibi,” couldn’t stop beaming.

“The winds have changed,” a jubilant Netanyahu “We’re prepared for elections, and we are very certain of our ability to win them,”

It is not yet settled, and it will be interesting to watch, but if the World is lucky Bibi Netanyahu will once again be Prime Minister of Israel.

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