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Melanie Phillips is one of our few excellent national columnists, she can be spiky but always articulate and usually on the money. Here she is in fine form… 

“When David Cameron became Britain’s Prime Minister, I warned that he would turn out to be even worse than Labour on the related issues of Israel and the global threat from Islamism to Britain and the west. This was because Cameron had no knowledge of or interest in foreign affairs, and so was always likely merely to reflect the most politically expedient views he encountered – which, given the current poisonous attitude within the British establishment and intelligentsia, were likely to push him into appeasing Britain’s mortal enemies in the Islamic world and dumping on Israel, Britain’s strategic ally in that great struggle.

But even I did not foresee just how cynical Cameron would turn out to be — and how dangerous therefore to the British national interest. Today’s truly shocking and quite astoundingly stupid speech in Turkey has now laid bare the fathomless shallowness and frightening ignorance and idiocy of Britain’s new Prime Minister.”

Great stuff and exactly what I have been saying. Islam must be bouyant when it hears the remarkable ignorance of  Cameron.

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13 thoughts on “WEEPING FOR BRITAIN…

  1. When Gordon Brown went on YouTube last year to welcome ‘Eid Al-Adhha’, he looked sick as a dog, sounded unconvincing, smiled hideously, and clearly didn’t believe a word of what he was saying.

    But Cameron…… ACTUALLY BELIEVES all those wonderful things about Turkey. (and, WHAT a pity he didn’t mention their help in WW1).

    Cameron is shaping up to be even worse than Brown.

  2. Oh come on! Give the guy a chance, he’s only been Premier for a few months!

    Melanie Phillips is hardly the voice of sweet reason, she is one of the voices of a right wing Israeli government in the UK.

    As for Turkey, I think Cameron is on fairly safe ground in supporting it, considering there is no way the French/German alliance is going to let Turkey into the EU.

  3. pippakin,

    A few months – true! it didn’t take him too long to hit the international gravy train, and at a time when things are looking particularly sensitive back home here in Blighty. No, off he goes, putting the world to rights, glad handing anyone who – rather cynically, – I assume will be some future source of income when his short time as PM is served.

    Who does he think he is? – Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Mandelson, or maybe Alistair Campbell! While known of those are to be admired, at least they waited a while before going off prospecting.

    It’s as though we never even had an election…

  4. David, you clearly have no knowledge of what Islam actually is – reading a book by Robert Spencer and his ilk won’t enlighten you I promise. Meet and talk to some real muslims.

  5. The Koran is quite a good source of knowledge, isn’t it? And, perhaps you can advise if the scum behind 9/11 and 7/7 were Muslims, devoutly so as I understand.

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