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UKIP is pleased to announce the appointment of two organisations as new corporate sponsors of the recruitment drive for membership of UKIP.

Firstly, they welcome with open arms the shrewish cow who rejoices in the title of Rotherham’s Strategic Director of Children and Young People’s Services, who they really believe should be given a title for services to UKIP.

Secondly, as a follow-up to the first appointment, the collective crew at Barnardos who stopped this lady from mentoring children leaving Council care because she was a UKIP member.

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5 thoughts on “Welcome indeed.

  1. Barnados, yet another State fake charity run by Common purpose drones .. a government quango by any other name.

  2. I hadn’t picked up that this was Barnardos!

    I have been donating to it. I will have to reconsider. It says in the article that it says that there were other reasons for he decision. We still need to know if that was even part of the reason.

  3. Barnados has changed incredibly from the charity it once was..

    Interesting that “Barnados Lite” never mentions much about the man who founded it. Perhaps because they fear giving offence or else they subscribe to the “new improved warm and fluffy contentless” version of Christianity..
    Read here about this Irish Evangelical doctor from Dublin..


  4. Agit8ed

    I was wondering the same thing. For some, merely being a Christian implies child abuse.

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