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I would give a guarded welcome to the decision to cut up to 1,700 jobs from the health service in Northern Ireland – more than double the original estimate drawn up by the Department of Health. It had been anticipated that up to 800 clerical, managerial and executive jobs would go as part of a shake-up after the Review of Public Administration. It was set up to look at how NI public services are organised and how best to fund them. The losses will be phased in over a four-year period. They aim to save £50m per year to be invested directly back into frontline services.

The NHS is a bureaucratic monstrosity and reducing some of this vast administration is a good thing. However I also wonder if the organisational abilities of this organisation will improve as a consequence of this decision, or will it just stagger along, still inherently dysfunctional because of the political masters that control it, but with a few less administrators?

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3 thoughts on “WELCOME JOB LOSSES..

  1. If it turns out, as I believe it will, that the job can be done as well or, probably, better without these people then there has been horrifying incompetence and inefficiency at the expense of your taxes.

    That so many of these civil service non-jobs were created by Brown to buy votes for Nu labour shows how mendacious and im-prudent he is. He is only having to let them go because he has spent all your money and now none is left.

    In Northern Ireland the big crime has been that so many people have been denied to the private sector, and the financial clout of civil service pay has forced up costs and house prices for everyone else artificially.

    Will our political parties see the opportunity to rebalance the economy, or will they just bleat for taxpayers to keep shelling out to pay for unnecessary public sector bloating?

  2. It’s not fixable. It’s like the public education system here. There’s too much money tempting too many unscrupulous bureaucrats with a system like this. Do you really think they’re going to give up that cash without a fight?? Sure – fire a bunch of the little guys. They don’t matter anyway but that money going to the ‘frontline’? lol.

  3. problem is they will hire more paper pushers to figure out how to reduce the mop pushers instead of hiring more mop pushers and fewer paper pushers

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