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I know that I am a vehement critic of Palestinians but on this occassion I want to express my support for those who have been taking part in protests in Gaza against the territory’s Hamas rulers – despite a ban on public gatherings. Prayers were organised which turned into marches through main towns. Some people were injured in clashes. Protesters accuse the Islamist Hamas of violating civil liberties and using mosques to spread political propaganda. The BBC’s Aleem Maqbool in Gaza says this is the biggest show of opposition to Hamas since it took control in June. Let us be clear; Hamas is evil incarnate and a display of opposition to Hamas from ordinary Palestinians is good news. Unlike many on the international left who want to appease the savages in Hamas, some residents in Gaza seek to oppose them. Well done. 

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8 thoughts on “WELCOME NEWS FROM GAZA…

  1. David

    I agree it is good news, but from the story it seems the protestors were Fatah supporters. There is no other party in Gaza to oppose the Hamas jihadists.

  2. That was a brave, bold move by the people….Bravo!

    Give who exactly a state Noel? What do you call where they live now?

  3. They shot a teenager at the protest, and Reuters and the AFP are actually running the story that it was completely accidental. They fired live rounds into a crowd of protesters and killed one, yet its an accident. According to Reuters when Israel fires back at enemy gunmen using children nearby as a shield its a war crime, yet when the Palis shoot unarmed civilians its just a slight mistake, could have happened to anyone…

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