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“On some nights New York is as hot as Bangkok. The whole continent seems to have moved from its place and slid nearer the equator, the bitter gray Atlantic to have become green and tropical, and the people, thronging the streets, barbaric fellahin among the stupendous monuments of their mystery, the lights of which, a dazing profusion, climb upward endlessly into the heat of the sky.”

Saul Bellow, The Victim, 1947

Hi from the five boroughs of Bangkok. It’s very hot and it’s really humid, as if often is this time of year.

The one and only ” benefit ” of such days and nights is that you are relieved from any duties to walk fast, or from any form of physical exercise. You seek out some shade, or you walk into an air conditioned space, and you endeavor to do nothing until the heat wave passes.

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14 thoughts on “Welcome to Bangkok

  1. Europe’s summer is crap so far. North America and Europe have a loose, inverse relationship. When one is hot the other is milder and wetter. When one has a cold winter the other is less cold than usual.

  2. looks nice…. what is the temp it reached 96F with a feel of 108 here nowhere pa….

  3. no not at that level, it’s at 90% in Pa…..

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    All the feeds aren’t set right now there is a lot of repition that will be fixed with feeds hopefully from news feeds from both sides of the pond.

    Enjoy your trip dude, wish I was there Bangkok is one of the few places I’d like to visit

  4. Cheer up Phantom. You could be in Seattle or Vancouver or Boise. Their temperature records have been shattered in the past few days. But it’s just “natural variability” so that’s all right, nothing to worry about.

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