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Just reflect on THIS, will you?

WELFARE claimants pulling in the equivalent of a £70,000-a-year salary are among more than 18,000 to have their benefits capped.

Got that? We have been handing out welfare to the equivalent of a £70k salary to those not in employment. And some insist that welfare reform is harsh and cruel!

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3 thoughts on “WELFARISM

  1. It’s the State which is making the equivalent of 70K a year available to thousands. Remember, it does this by violently robbing the productive and it will severely punish tax-victims who try to avoid being robbed.

    Apparently tax-victims who do attempt to keep what they earn are ‘greedy’. Well, that’s what the propaganda says, but then that’s Statist propaganda for you, all lies.

    I don’t owe – morally or legally – a penny or an obligation to anyone without a job, and nothing the State does can possibly challenge that.

  2. From the linked article, it seems that 17 households out of the 18,000 capped were claiming the equivalent of pre-tax income of £70,000 or more. Disgraceful of course, but less than 0.1% of the total.

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