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Noticed a little piece in the news on Sunday where this British Airways plane had been delayed for three hours at Milan’s Linate airport by a Qatari sheikh. Seems he boarded the flight complete with the usual entourage of a butler, a chef and three wives, but once his bunch was seated, immediately demanded that other passengers be moved from their seats so that his women be allowed to sit together, and not next to, horror of horrors, men the females did not know!

The news that the Captain was completely unimpressed by this pillock is indeed good news, as he ordered all the fuzzies off the plane forthwith. The three-hour delay resultant was partly caused by the luggage of Sheikh Rattle-an-roll having to be off-loaded before the plane could depart.

The pilot should be immediately given a pay rise, and invited to join Gordon Brown’s Government as an Arabic advisor, as he obviously knows all about these camel-jockeys and their ideas that they are the only ones in the universe who count!

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10 thoughts on “well done, that man!

  1. Well done to the other passengers who refused to give up their allotted seats to accommodate the tribe.

  2. Mahons

    Most of those 3 hours were made up by attempts to negotiate. The captain was certainly correct in his decision but it took him a long time to make it.

  3. Of course if he had been three hours in the air when he asked them to leave I would applaud that.

  4. Mahons

    They would have had a safe landing. Their Burqas would have turned into parachutes 🙂

  5. I would have thought a man with three wives might welcome the opportunity to jump sans parachute, but your point is well taken.

  6. How many incidents happen every day caused by Brits alone for example at airports!

  7. Don’t you get a choice of where to sit when you check=in? If this really mattered to him this sheikh chappie could have made sure where his wives sat at check-in surely?

  8. I reckon we haven’t been told the truth. It’s probably the case that he was sitting next to them as planned but then demanded the move as he was fed up with their nagging!

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