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We have made it another week without the witless buffoon in the White House backing us into a Nuclear War, but hey his Presidency still has a way to go. When you look at the Biden Administration Foreign Policy the only thing in history that was as bad was Barrack Obama.

If he manages to avoid War with Russia which except for the lack of actual shooting between us has already begun, he is determined to give aid and comfort to our enemies on multiple fronts.

We could spend a week listing everything he’s doing wrong with China alone, but until we the people come to the full understanding that Biden is being Blackmailed by both Russia and China and act accordingly we’re just screwed until he leaves office.

The blackmail by Russia and China as bad as it is however is actually the least of the danger that President Biden is putting us in. Both China and Russia will draw the line at exchanging Nukes if nothing else. They understand the math of MAD, which even though never talked of anymore is still American Policy.

Where the real danger lays is with Iran and the rest of the Middle East. The Biden Administration is determined to pick up where the Obama Administration left off and ensure that Iran has Nuclear ICBMs ASAP. As Obama believed and Joe is continuing it is only fare that the Mad Mullahs have Nukes if Israel and we do.

Obama I could understand, he was an Anti-American-Anti-West President, our first if not our last. President Biden’s following of President Obama’s playbook for the Middle East can only be accredited to Joe’s stupidity.

The Iranians are controlled by a fanatical Islamic Cult that believes they can bring about the coming of the Second Mosiah by Bathing the World in Blood. They have been working on this goal since 1979. I’m sure actually longer, but their final war to achieve this goal began then. It has been carried out since via Terror.

Iran funds and supplies every Islamic Terror Network in the world, both Sunni & Shia. The will sort the difference between their two sects after the rest of us our gone or subjugated. The use of Terror however has not achieved the results that they had hoped for, not the pace or even the territorial gains. Nuclear Weapons will get them both in their view.

The Iranians do not understand what Mutually Assured Destruction means, they believe they are doing God’s will and they will be protected by the new Mosiah who they will summon with our deaths. Now we in the west laugh at this thinking we don’t believe, but the problem is the Iranian Leaders DO!

Biden’s Iran deal is currently held up. Not due to any common sense or act of reason, but because the Biden Administration isn’t even negotiating with the Iranians, he has the RUSSIANS negotiating for us because the Iranians refuse to even talk directly to the U.S..

Now can I ask a question… Which assho** came up with the idea that having two enemies negotiate a deal on our behalf was a good idea? Can we get that person “Fixed” so that their stupidity gene’s can’t be passed on to further generations… please. Now I jest, but that is the dumbest arrangement anyone could ever have thought of, let alone actually putting into action.

As I said though everything is being held up temporally due to the Russian’s. They are also using these negotiations to Blackmail Joe, besides everything else they have on him thanks to his son Hunter. The Russian’s have complete control of Joe’s Foreign Policy Legacy which is #1 thing President Biden want’s to achieve.

If we survive the next two years it will be a miracle.

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