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Interesting to read that British soldiers are engaged in “a surreal mini civil war” with growing numbers of home-grown jihadists who have travelled to Afghanistan to support the Taliban, senior Army officers have said.

Interceptions of Taliban communications have shown that British jihadists – some “speaking with West Midlands accents” – are active in Helmand and other parts of southern Afghanistan, according to briefing papers prepared by an official security agency. The document states that the numbers of young British Muslims, “seemingly committed jihadists”, travelling abroad to commit extremist violence has been rising, with Pakistan and Somalia the most frequent destinations.

Isn’t it shocking that Britain is allowing home-trained Jihadi to travel abroad to try and kill British soldiers? Should we not be tracing back where these vermin come from, who trained them, and what did their families know of their Jihad adventures? It seems the one of the few things that Britain can export these days is Jihad.

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  1. It would not surprise me if certain members of the British cabinet are on the side of these terrorists rather than supporting the very troops that their collective responsibility sent out. When hurt or injured no doubt they can return receive NHS treatment and obtain taxpayers’ compensation to fund their old age. Another way of ‘bleeding the beast’.If Jacqui Smith calls what the Taliban does ‘Anti-Islamic Activity’ then our troops are undertaking Anti-Anti-Islamic Activity which has a double tilde in Logic that cancels out in the rules of Aristotelian Deductive Inference. Ergo our troops are undertaking ‘Islamic Activity’ according to our Home Secretary.

  2. Every single traitor to this country should be taken out to the middle of the Afghan Desert and have a British Army bullet put in the back of their head.

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