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The whole place is in an uproar. A few well-meaning ‘Nanny-State’ supporters have placed the whole outfit on a collision course with Big Tobacco by planning to ban All Tobacco Products from sale in any store, bar or any commercial outfit in Westminster.

Obviously, it ain’t our Westminster, its the one in Massachusetts, and the local Board of Health smeaked in preparations to outlaw all smoking substances, all the things which some people want to enjoy, even though they know the risks.

But the good Board of Health members forgot one teensy-weensie little item when they proposed this ban; they forgot that this is Small-town America; and no-one tells Americans what to eat, smoke or even chew: no-one that is, who wants to keep their seats on that same Westminster Board of Health!

Where Westminster goes, hopefully lots of others might just stand up and follow.


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4 thoughts on “Westminster makes a stand

  1. If you ever want to witness an independent don’t tread on me people, go to rural New England. I personally do agree with a ban on tobacco though I wish everyone would have the sense and willpower to stop smoking. I am less worried about the ravages of the alleged nanny state in the guise of 3 small town officials than I am of the Tobacco Industry, it’s lobbyists and it’s purchased politicians.

  2. Prohibition of tobacco is as completely stupid as prohibition of alcohol was.

    The petty mafia cigarette dealers of Massachusetts will completely support such a ban on legal sales.

    And I say this as someone who despises tobacco.

  3. if it’s a legal product they have no right to stop merchants from selling it.

    I love the anti-tobacco people the do gooder attitude trumps all. Pa gets about a third of it’s state budget from the tax on cigarets don’t know what it is in that state. However if they pass this ban than they should do without the byproducts.

    Most small towns get money from their state governments go ahead and ban the legal product, but then that town should have any money it gets from the state cut by whatever percentage the tobacco tax is of the states budget.

    People don’t realize how much income is produced for a state by the tax on cigarets.

  4. I don’t get the tobacco prohibitionists at all.

    A lot of the same people would support legalization of marijuana, as do I, but they here support prohibition of tobacco sales – a prohibition if it became widespread would drive tobacco sales into the arms of the same mafias who I propose to defund by means of marijuana legalization.

    It makes no sense at all.

    Even the super high taxes on tobacco in say NYC only serves to enrich what is now a thriving illegal tobacco market here.

    Tobacco and pot sales should both be legal, with taxes set at a sweet spot so that most will buy these nasty products legally.

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