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Gay Marriage. What HARM can it do, argue the liberals. Accept it, embrace it, push for equality, say the sirens.  Well,  Canada has had “gay marriage” for ten years so let’s look to see what lies in store for the UK…


Very quickly, traditional religious teaching on homosexuality will be penned up within church sanctuaries, and “faith-based” ancillary institutions will be crowbarred into submission. What’s that? I’m “scaremongering”? Well, it’s now routine in Canada, where Catholic schools in Ontario are obligated by law to set up Gay-Straight Alliance groups, where a Knights of Columbus hall in British Columbia was forced to pay compensation for declining a lesbian wedding reception, and where the Reverend Stephen Boisson wrote to his local paper objecting to various aspects of “the homosexual agenda” and was given a lifetime speech ban by the Alberta “Human Rights” Tribunal ordering him never to utter anything “disparaging” about homosexuals ever again, even in private. Although his conviction was eventually overturned by the Court of Queen’s Bench after a mere seven-and-a-half years of costly legal battle, no Canadian newspaper would ever publish such a letter today.

This is what the gay activists and their media shills will not discuss. It is the erosion of Liberty for anyone or any organisation that does not accept the gay marriage agenda that is my primary objection here but I wonder how long I will be permitted to say this before the enforces of gay activist orthodoxy shut me up?

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  1. As the pitilessly direct Conservative sage Lord Tebbit put it: ‘When I look at what we denounce as the appalling conduct of “ordinary people” I see the way the rich have always behaved.

    ‘It’s just that they have had the resources to deal with the fallout.’

  2. Not one Church has been forced to perform a gay wedding, people still have regular heterosexual relations (wouldn’t you it is so often cold up there), hockey is still on television and the country hasn’t fallen into any of the other pitfalls so often proclaimed that must follow legalized marriage for gay people.

  3. Well said Mahons.

    Most of the opponents of gay marriage also opposed equalisation of the age of consent and civil partnerships. The usual suspects.

  4. Not one Church has been forced to perform a gay wedding…..

    It’s in the pipeline and we all know it.

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