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STOP THE PRESSES!….. Do they even say that anymore, if they ever did. Once upon a time our image of what the press was supposed to be was portrayed in movies like My Girl Friday. The press would take pleasure in exposing the weaselly corrupt politician… fight for the little guy!

Now the Press and the Networks are nothing more than state propaganda arms as they have been for decades, it’s just that the blatancy of their corruption has not only become transparently obvious it has become the marketable commodity. The more outrageously you can sell the lie they higher the praise you’ll receive. Pulitzers for fake stories about Russian Collusion come to mind.

Every Network canceled all their programming to run the “January 6th Special Hearing” in Primetime… Except nobody watched, and the few that did watch who weren’t drones and already sold on this packet of Treasonous lies, well they just weren’t impressed by the lame scripted show.

The narrative of Lies by the Press didn’t help sell this propaganda piece. Everyone in the country knows only one person died, Ashli Babbitt. NO COPS WERE KILLED yet they all claimed the riot caused the death of 5 Cops…. just none of them died that day or from any injuries sustained that day. Yet the press all claim somehow a minor riot gave one man a stroke and made four others commit suicide.

The point however is that the Primetime, all hands on deck, Propaganda Event failed. Not one person gave it any credibility, no matter how hard they tried to sell it. It was not an “Armed Insurrection” no one had any guns for Christ sake, and no one had any plan. It was a small group of pissed off people that mostly just Trespassed. There was vandalism and there was fisticuffs, but not much. I’ve seen worse at a Hockey or Football game, and the majority of these Vandals and Trespassers have been locked up for over 18mths, denied Due Process, and sentenced to time in jail longer than a murderer currently receives.

Now I’m all for locking up the idiots who Trespassed and Vandalized the Capitol. If you were stupid enough to cross that line you brought the consequences on yourself. It is no one else’s fault or responsibility except your own. All these people though have gotten above and beyond their just punishment, and to say it was anything more than a minor riot is a Lie.

The Democrats are desperate, they have no platform, and Mid-Terms are approaching fast. They are not however approaching as fast as the price of Gas is rising, that is setting a new record everyday. While President Biden struggles to complete a complete sentence and Congress puts on choreographed propaganda with the press inflation reaches the level to tip the country into a Depression that could just as easily be worse than the one we had a 100 years ago. No one alive remembers just how bad it can get.

We have reached the point where it has come down to a choice between fuel or food. Median household income was $67,521 in 2020, On average, American households have two cars, they drive each of their cars 14,263 miles per year according to the Federal Highway Administration. The average miles per gallon an American vehicle gets is 20mpg. That means the average American uses 713.15 gallons of Gas a year. When Biden took office the average cost of a Gallon of Gas was $2.20, it is now an average price of $5.00. At $2.20 the cost of fuel was $1,568.93, at $5.00 the cost of that fuel has risen to $3,565.75. An increase of $1,996.82 per car, that’s a $3,993.64 lost out of a Families income thanks to President Biden’s action of shutting down American Oil Production levels to the production levels of 1979.

The cost of Diesel has also followed the same pattern for the exact same reason. Every Truck in America runs on Diesel, every thing in your home, office, grocery store, shopping center, etc etc… ALL travel by Truck. With Joe’s attack on fuel alone he has already caused the greatest price increases to the American Consumer since the 70s and price controls, which I will not be surprised when we see Biden or the Congress call for them. Add to that the drunken spending of Congress and the prediction for the next 3 years in the US is grim at best.

While Rome Burns the Democrats fiddle away on fake hearings….. and Summer has only just begun.

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