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Following the Irish General Election, and because no Party got an overall majority, Fine Gael is now seeking to form a voluntary coalition with another party. This means that they will have to agree on a joint programme for government in order for the new Parliament to be effective. Same thing happened at Westminster last year. It also happened in Edinburgh and in Cardifff, as voluntary coalitions were formed in order to provide cohesive joined up government. BUT, here in Northern Ireland, we are denied such an opportunity. Instead the basis of government is corrupted, insisting that ALL parties get into power, that ALL parties operate Ministries as private fiefdoms. That is why Government keeps failing here – the mechanism is broken, unworkable, failed.

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  1. Ireland, has got just what it has fought so hard, not too have .. Foreign serfdom ?

    Like it or lump it, Irelands arse, now belongs to the masters at the EU .. enjoy !

  2. insisting that ALL parties get into power

    Not all parties, just those parties that win enough seats. So parties like the PUP and TUV remain outside the executive.

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