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I thought the torture known as “aversion therapy” went out of practice decades ago. Clearly not, as the video below demonstrates. It shows autistic (as if having your mind bent out of shape by pointless vaccines wasn’t bad enough) 18 year old Andre McCollins being restrained face down, having a helmet forced onto his head and then given a total of 31 electric shocks, over a period of hours, for the apparent crime of not removing his jacket at the ‘Judge Rotenberg Centre’ for the disabled in Massachusetts. Watch it. It is clearly torture.

This happened in 2002. As equally despicable in my view is that no-one could see this footage until now because the centre convinced a judge to seal it eight years ago. More video and comment here.

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  1. The autism vaccine theory has been discredited Pete

    It was fraudulently arived at

    Look it up

  2. Why everything, why do this to the poor boy, and what purpose in showing it now? besides the obvious fact that it shouldn’t be hidden.

  3. Troll –

    His mother has launched an action against the centre and the presiding Judge ordered the footage to be released.

  4. Vaccines have been shown to be a fraud perpetrated on society with the consequence of alarming increases in autism and diabetes. Here is one of the colleagues of Dr Andrew Wakefield winning his case against the General Medical Council:


    – An eminent doctor was celebrating a dramatic victory today after the High Court ruled that a decision to strike him off over the MMR controversy was unlawful.

    Professor John Walker-Smith had been found guilty of professional misconduct following accusations of taking part, without ethical approval, in controversial research that caused a global scare by suggesting a link between the MMR vaccine, bowel disease and autism.

    He paid tribute to his supporters who included the parents of many children with autism and bowel disease seen by him at the Royal Free Hospital in north London up to his retirement in 2001 –

    The welcome decision to exonerate Prof. Walker-Smith is a clear indication that the GMC’s case against the Royal Free doctors was manufactured to discredit any association between bowel disease, autism conditions and some of the parents’ reported link to the MMR vaccine. The allegations levelled at Prof. Walker-Smith and the Royal Free team now have to be viewed with total scepticism as nothing more than a witch hunt by vested interests at the highest level in Government, media and the pharmaceutical industry.

    Bear in mind that pharmaceutical companies in the UK re-labelled vaccines which had been banned in Canada for the severity of adverse reactions caused by one of their products and got its use approved in the UK.

    Phantom and I are on opposite sides, as usual.

    Phantom – are you willing to engage in debate on this matter?

  5. Alan

    There have been some bad vaccines, but the majority have extended the lives and lessened the suffering and death of children.

    Smallpox, Measills, Polio, etc have been virtually wiped out in the US

  6. This is an interview with Dr Maurice Hilleman giving some background on vaccines. Hilleman was not to expect the advent of the internet and that his words would be available for us to hear.

    And now one reads that American babies are to have 20 vaccines in their first two years of life to protect them against the diseases which I had as a child and which were necessary to activate my immune system. Our immune systems have evolved to use diseases as primers as our bodies develop through youth. The vaccines program which benefits the pharmaceutical industry is of no benefit to humanity as a whole.

  7. Troll –

    You’ll find that those diseases became less widespread after vaccines were introduced, but they became less widespread at the very same rate that they became less widespread before vaccines were introduced.

    The great victory against them was economic growth. It enabled our societies to become healthier, cleaner and to build out such diseases.

  8. –You’ll find that those diseases became less widespread after vaccines were introduced, but they became less widespread at the very same rate that they became less widespread before vaccines were introduced.

    Source for that please?

    A lot of things were happening at the same time incl clean water and sewage provisions imposed by fascist governments on unwilling citizens at gunpoint

  9. Phantom –

    Again, yet again, laws do not cause such changes in the environment, it is economic growth which is always and everywhere responsible.

    Have you noticed that many Third World sweatshop economies have poorer working conditions and environmental standards then Western economies? Going by your argument, working conditions and environmental standards can be brought up to Western levels simply by politicians making laws in these countries. What heroes they would be!

    But the argument is nonsense, of course. Even Third World politicans realise that their economies cannot afford it and that passing and enforcing such laws would cripple those economies and wreck havoc among their societies.

    They’ll get there one day, but it’ll happen only when economic growth is sufficient for their economies to incorporate these things, and they’ll happen naturally.

    I do have the link you asked for. If I can find it I’ll post it.

  10. All economies can afford decent treatment of workers, and decent public health, clean water, sanitation systems etc

    This requires varying govt involvement, qnd you do see it in all the countries that have progressed or which are progressing now, such as China, Vietnam,etc

  11. Phantom – the entire society of the US (apart from the cosetted 0.1%) is being ripped by the pharmaceutical sector. Vaccines, antibiotics, prescription drugs are all being misused to poison and dumb-down the American public. Even the military is affected:


    – The Times recently disclosed that nearly 8 per cent of active-duty American servicemen and women take sedatives and over 6 per cent are on antidepressants, a tremendous eightfold increase since 2005, when two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were in full swing. – (I pasted this piece because the NYT is ‘reputable’ 😉 )

    – The recent notorious case of Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, accused of murdering 17 civilians in a bloody rampage in Afghanistan, again raised the question of drug-related incidents in the US military.

    After it was announced the defendant does not remember what he did, his attorneys requested a list of the medication the soldier was taking during his deployment in Afghanistan. –

    We have also seen reports which I posted on this site of how corporate pharmaceuticals have placed their people in the FDA and are suppressing effective non-patented treatments for cancer. So causing a huge upsurge in child autism and diabetes is a very good business plan as those affected by ‘vaccines’ require expensive treatment for life.

    – According to researchers led by Lisa Cosgrove, associate professor of clinical psychology at the University of Massachusetts Boston, the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which is published by the APA (American Psychiatric Association),is riddled with financial conflicts of interest, ABC News reported. The APA task force panels consist of various experts in the field of psychiatry. But the problem, says Cosgrove and her research team, is that many of these experts are also paid spokesmen or scientific advisors for drug companies – either that, or they conduct research that is funded by the industry. –

  12. I wonder if the electricity was generated by “clean” power sources (wind or solar) would that make it OK with the Liberal eco-warrior crowd?

    Remember: “Pain is the best motivator”!

    I dare any Liberal to deny that fact.

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