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Once again we witness a person that the evidence proves beyond a shadow of doubt that he was guilty walk away because we now live under a two tier justice system. One where any individual with connection to Government is immune to the Law.

We are living in very dangerous times. As elected officials, bureaucrats, and any lobbyist and lawyer that work’s with them do not live under the same rule of law that you or I do. They are the elite, the Royal Class of America. A piece of society that was never supposed to exist in America.

The reason royalty or a “class of elites” to govern us was never supposed to be was because that is exactly what we were revolting against. The Government was supposed to be made up of people that earned the respect of their communities by their works, and by their character.

It took us 244 years but we have achieved the exact opposite of the dream and the reason. What the Sussman trial and acquittal show us is just the first scratch onto the painted windows our elites hide behind.

The trial proved several things A) that Sussman Lied to the FBI. B) That the FBI knew he was lying and the information was FALSE, and did not care. C) The Clinton Campaign orchestrated the entire thing. D) They created the phony Dossier, E) They bugged, wiretapped, electronically spied on a candidate and then President of The United States. F) They falsified electronics records to make it “look like” Trump had a secret communication network with the Russians and then, G) passed it on to the MSM who were foaming at the mouth to run with it. None of them bothered to verify or do their due diligence. They were helping their party, that came first. The truth was and still is irrelevant to them.

The real problem here, well crap there are several, but the main one is the Justice Department. The DOJ is no longer a policing arm to protect the American Public which is supposed to be the only reason that it exists. Now it has become a group of Fumbling Bunch of Idiots where the current Head and previous 3 have all been caught lying under oath and not one of them, got arrested, tried, or fined for it either. Why because they are Government Officials and the Laws that apply to you and I don’t apply to them. It has also been revealed that what they really are is a bunch of thugs that work for just the Democrat Party, not the American People.

This is a situation that can not be allowed to exist. If it continues it will lead to bloodshed and that can not be allowed to happen.

There can only be one set of Laws and the Sussman Trial proves without a shadow of a doubt that there is not.

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