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This is a searing indictment of our Education system;

A businessman is boycotting Jobcentres after complaining that the school leavers they sent him trudged in with hangovers and spent all their time checking their mobile phones or Facebook. Garden centre boss Richard Haddock, aged 54, despaired of the youngsters he was sent and has branded Britain’s new generation of teenagers as having no work ethic and unfit for the labour market. He is now recruiting older people and workers from abroad after abandoning hope of being able to find suitable candidates at the Jobcentre.

The world is upside down. Each year, the Educationalists boast about how smarter and smarter young people are getting, scoring record grades thus proving how great a job the teaching profession is doing. Then, when theses teenage geniuses go looking a job, the employer discovers that those who can be bothered turning up for interview have no work ethic and are more interested in social networking than working! We have lost the work ethic that made this country great and instead substituted indolence care of the internet.

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  1. The “equality board” or some other Liberal State collection of progressive lawyers will descend upond the businessman with their P.C. guns blazing.

    He’ll be made apologise to the offended youths and sent to a series of “Social equality sensitivity” classes.

  2. Jonathan, It’s not all to do with parenting. More of a lowering of educational standards and discipline, too many distractions available that come courtesy of the internet, mobile phones and easy access to drugs and alcohol in many cases. And of course all this against a background of political correctness. Difficult enough being a parent 25 years ago when the world hadn’t changed so much and before consumerism and communication had become the be all and end all.

    The younger generation may scoff but conscription had a lot going for it!

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