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The news that Secret Service agents preferred Colombian prostitutes, when visiting that cocaine-fuelled country was perhaps dismaying to some, inclusive of the agents’ families; but what is to be made of the news that the investigator, supposed to run the gruelling trail of finding out who did what to whom, with what, and of course fuelled by which; was himself caught not exactly with his pants down, but certainly with the zipper undone? He was presumably targeted because he was doing an unpopular task in an exemplary fashion, and had to be silenced.

Seems as though the rumour was that, besides commercial transactions made between the Colombian whores and the Secret Service detail, in Cartagena town themselves as part of the Obama protection detail, at least one member (if you would forgive the pun) of the White House party was also involved in, as it were, testing the ink!

So Investigator David Nieland was given the task of pushing his way through the thicket of legs, arms and other body parts, to establish who else did what, with which, and of course with whom, whilst down in Cartagena, besides members of the Secret Service.

But the best part is the shocking news that Nieland was suspended for two weeks for taking pictures of an INTERN’s FEET, and circulating them on T’Internet. Now I have heard of many disgraceful and appalling pictures of various parts of the female body, in various poses and in full colour, being sent all over the place: but FEET? Are there no ‘ends’ these investigators will not stoop to?


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5 thoughts on “Whatever turns you on, Bud.

  1. Combine these misadventures with the recent breaking at the White House and we might be better served having Ringling Brothers clowns guard the President.

  2. Yes.

    And it’s not just the presidential security detail – a significant number of cops and now Secret Service seem seriously incompetent in one way or the other. They don’t know what they’re doing, or they’re lazy and don’t pay attention, or they don’t have a sense of duty.

    This is not meant to make common cause with the imbecile wing on this site, but it’s just an observation.

  3. They were there on business for their company so why shouldn’t the representatives have some hospitality. Does anybody NOT know about the drug-running activities of the TLAs? (TLA – three-letter acronym) It’s why Afghanistan and Columbia are so important.

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