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Answer these questions quickly and honestly…!

1. According to the story in the Christian Bible, where was Jesus born?

2. Who told Mary that she would give birth to a son?

3. Who was Jesus’ cousin?

4. Where did Joseph, Mary and Jesus go to escape from King Herod when Jesus was a young child?

According to a new study, one third of Brits don’t even know where Christ was born! The same kind of % failed to get the other answers right. Doesn’t surprise me a jot – as we move into post-Christian mode,  even poor old secular Santa will get erased from the scene as people worship at retail and swallow any old multiculti codswallop.

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  1. …but mention Jerry Springer’s take on it, and you’ll get chapter & verse, 100%, down to the last lyrical piss-take.

  2. Wow, I didn’t know Jesus had a cousin or anything about Jerry Springer, but, then again, I’ve been what you might call a post-Christian (more accurately: lapsed Sunday school student) for almost 40 years.

  3. "poor old St. Nic"

    Yup, they took the "St." out of "poor old St. Nic" and left us with "old Nic".

    That’s why his name is an anagram of Satan.

  4. I don’t know if there’s any hope of eliciting a bit of Christmas charity towards Islam on these pages, but it’s interesting at least from a historical POV that the Archangel Gabriel is also revered in Islam, Judaism and, of course, Christianity. The Koran tells how Gabriel (answer to Q 2 for the heathens amongst us) brought the news of the conception of Jesus and John the Baptist to their respective mothers-to-be. He is also said to have brought the Koran from God to Mohammad.

    I wonder if that, besides the moral arguments, there is any theological objection to the kind of hatred often directed against the Koran here, which after all also revealed so many sacred mysteries of the Christian religion.

  5. Noel, you neglect to mention that mohammed also claims that Jesus was not crucified, did not die or rise from the dead. mohammed was influenced by Judaism and Christianity – he used bits and pieces of both to form his own fantasy. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, he seems also to have suffered from some sort of disorder that required him to kill those who would not adhere to his fantasy.

  6. >which after all also revealed so many sacred mysteries of the Christian religion.

    Lucky Mo came along. Wonder what these dumb Christians were doing for the previous 700 years.

  7. A Muslim once asked me why I couldn’t accept the Koran as it had Jesus in it, and Monica has hit the nail on the head. It turns the Christian Gospel on its head and removes it’s raison d’etre, namely, the Resurection.

    Mahons, fun-ny! Actually, the city of David is in the west bank, near Jeruselum, the eternal capital of Israel! 😉

  8. >>basic history seems to have gone by the wayside.<<

    Ah, go easy on Orlando. It’s Sunday, and he’s probably celebrating something.

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